New Creation Church,singapore?

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Have you ever been to the New Creation Church in Sg?
What do ya think about the church and pastor J.Prince ?
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  • kurt answered 7 years ago
Pastor Prince’s humorous, personal and practical style of preaching complements the fact that he is an anointed teacher of the Word of God. His dynamic messages have always been centred on the pure gospel of the grace of God based on the finished work of Jesus Christ. He moves in a strong worship anointing, ministering healing and prophetic words by the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Over the years, Pastor Prince’s ministry has helped to set many people free from guilt and condemnation, and caused them to fall in love with Jesus afresh as they see His love, goodness and grace.

I'm not a member in that church but i attend the service during my free times,as on weekends it has number of service times for us to attend to, where is convenient for me to go through out the days for the church itself the members there are very helpfully and friendly no doubt pastor prince preaching is good....if you wan to know more abut the church you can visit their website

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5 out of 5
thanks kurt :) very informative answer :) cant wait to visit new creation church :)
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  • NONAME answered 7 years ago
    Singapore is wack. No chewing gum and a desire to cane all foreigners. I do enjoy the chicken rice though.
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  • calvin o answered 7 years ago
    It's a scam, along with City Harvest. Just wait for the scandal to break out.
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