who do you oil paint?

i love painting and i use acrylics because it is easy drying, but would love to use oil paints but one i don't have the patients and two i don't know how to use them , please help

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    Painting in oils is very traditional. It's been around since the 15th century! Here are a few pluses for painting in oil: You can blend hues and tones seamlessly, you can continue to work on the same painting for weeks without it drying, and you can adjust the mixture of linseed oil and turpentine for their preferred texture and paint quality.

    Patience is needed to do any form of art. My best advice there is to make your subject matter something you love - then you're always having fun!

    When using them, you'll have to use a few precautions - make sure your room is well ventilated, as the turpentine is very bad for you. There are turpentine alternatives that don't smell as strong, but breathing the fumes can still be harmful, so make sure to read the safety information on the can. Also - cleanup will involve a solvent instead of soap and water.

    Investing in the paints can initially be expensive, but you can mix most of the colors you need using yellow, red, and blue, and then use black and white for tints and shades of those colors.

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    I've done acrylics, watercolor, and airbrush but it wasn't till my brother suggested i try oils that i finally did. I didn't have a clue how to use them so i went to the library and checked out just about every book they had on oils. I now paint in nothing but oils and have gotten proficient enough that i've been commissioned to do painting for people. I've never taken an art class and consider myself a self taught artist, so if i can do it so can you. Do your homework, study the process, and practice. My work can be checked out at hellosanantonio.com under artist name ''Guerro''. There are other cool artist on this site so check it out when you get the chance.

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    Oil painting is real cool, coz, you can go straight over the top of other colours, and you can mix and make lots of different colours.

    You dont really need patients, I wouldnt say :)

    You usually just use a brush, and just paint like normal pretty much, just have a play around with them, you'll get it Im sure =]

    Good luck with your art work ;0)

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    Hi saw ur note and thought would let u know about Genesis paints which are dried by heat gun; is on the line of oils as it gives u time to work wet on wet. There is a yahoo group with tons of information and projects to get u started with this type of paint. Link is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/genesisartists/ great group of helpful people.

    Also go to http://www.viavon.com/ ; Von has great information about this and also runs a learning center for these paints which she supplies DVD's showing u how to use them; and can be contacted any time for any problems ur having.

    Hope this helps

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    Oil painting is very nice. Pictures look great!! It takes time to complete a picture, but it is worth it. Try it... all the besT!!

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