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Does the Christian spirituality differ from other religions’ spirituality?

Does the Christian spirituality differ from other religions’ spirituality?

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    "Spirituality" is a fairly meaningless word. People use it to give an air of authority to their myths. It sounds better to say, "I have a spiritual connection to <pick a god>" than say, "I feel emotional about <pick a god>". What people call spirituality is really just being emotionally caught up in the superstition.

    Religions use "spirituality" and "faith" and "just believe" and other vague words and phrases to cover up the fact that they have no real facts, just emotional ties and childhood indoctrination.

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    There is no such thing as Christian Spirituality or Hindu spirituality or Buddhist spirituality. Spirituality is beyond all religions, though religion, in its true sense (religion = that which unites) can be spiritually helpful. But any organized religion is often a hindrance to spirituality. Spirituality and religion are like love and marriage - they can coexist but often flourish separately.

    Religion separates and divides whereas spirituality is oneness of life and universal. There are 2 jokes with this profound message. Here is one of them

    A football (soccer) player died and went to the Lord. Jesus asked him what he was doing on earth. The man said he was a football player. However much he explained about football, Jesus could not understand. So, He decided to go in disguise and watch a game. He went to Ireland. The match was between the catholic and the protestant groups. Jesus was soon absorbed in the match and clapped each time a side did well. Other spectators around him got confused by His gestures and asked Jesus which side he was on. Jesus said He was on neither side and He was just enjoying the game. One spectator turned to Him and said “so, you are an atheist!”

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    Spirituality is the sensitivity or attachment to religious values.

    Religious pertains to the relating to or manifesting faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality or deity.

    So does Christian sensitivity and devotion to a deity differ from others? I would say a definite "Yes." Different faiths would have a different religious spirituality.

    I view Religion and Spiritual as very different concepts. An individual can be one or the other or both at the same time.

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    A little confusion, so let's clear that up first...Spirituality & religious dogma are not the same...Spirituality is the motivation to seek inner truth, and the gaining of understandings of our reality and what we are here...this comes from many sources & experiences. Religions are of specific doctrines, or belief rules, that their members are encouraged to follow...most utilizing only one text of writings as the source of these beliefs.

    Now that we have that cleared can imagine the differences in the many religions there are to choose from...each with their own little rules & regs. that keep them separate from each other.

    Each of these have different views on how to live & what happens after your body dies, and each have their own ideas about God & Creation...of course, each deeming themselves as the only one that is right.

    You can discover these differences by exploring...go to masses or celebrations...ask about of locals & their some of their texts, make appts. to discuss the doctrines with church leaders...take a course in world theologies...very interesting, to say the least.

    The art of taking from this exploration those things that make YOUR soul chimes ring and simply leaving the rest, is called spirituality...See??? Good Journey!!!

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    Christian spirituality may be different from other religions spirituality because Christ is at the center of it. Spirituality is spirituality, no matter what name it is connected to, and because God judges our hearts, only God knows who is truly spiritual.

    and to Irvin IA..."If You dont have a religion your not a christian. "

    This is not true. God doesn't require us to "pick a religion"...if a person has one that they believe in and it helps them spiritually, that is fine. BUT...a person who is close to God and believes in Christ and follows HIm, is spirituallly minded, even tho they may not have a "religion"...

  • Very much so. Christianity is very focused on the world to come, while many other religions such as Judaism and Buddhism are centered on living in this world. All of the rest, and there are a lot of differences, essentially derives from that distinction.

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    Spirituality or Mentality?

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    I probably wouldn't be an atheist if I was born in Saudi Arabia, I'd be too scared of being stoned to death. Saudi Arabia is ****** up. If I was born into a different country that values science, I'd still be an atheist because of my interest in science (assuming I'm still the same person).

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    No. Like the saying goes "there is only one God...people call it by different names". Spirituality is does it matter whether its Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Buddhist...or for that matter...any thing??

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    In my opinion, for the most part no. When I look at most major religions and the underlying foundations I see very similiar themes. The act of believing in a higher power that can guide and protect us is common to all religions, at least to me. Having faith is believing in something bigger than us with no guarantees.

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