Is EasyJet good?

I am planning on taking a trip to Europe and am considering flyuing easyjet. Have you flown on this airline? Would you recommend them? Are they reliable? Many thanks


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    1 decade ago
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    Yea easyjet is pretty good coz

    1.They offer good budget flights.(earlier u book the cheaper)

    2.Also offer lotsa routes to all over europe.

    3.Very basic flight,no food or drinks are served for free.Those are charged.

    4. Easy check in's.

    5.Like any other flights,sometimes flights can be delayed coz of weather etc.

    6.Just make sure u have ur confirmation printed out and off u go...

    I flew wid em numerous times around europe.Find em pretty good actually.Love their uniform..LoL :)

    Source(s): **fellow swede :)
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    They are very reliable with their time schedules and the planes seem well maintained. The fact that they do not serve anything on board is not a problem, anyway, airlines' food usually sucks (don't buy anything on board, a small beer or a silly sandwitch cost around 5 euros). What is a problem, is that the seats are very tight, so as to accomodate more passengers - but continental flights do not last that long. And yes, they are very strict with overweight. In general, they are not bad, and their prices (IF you book well in advance) are worth it.

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    EasyJet is one of the better budget carriers, because they have new airplanes, good personnel and, unlike Ryanair, often fly to the proper airports.

    I've used them to fly from Berlin to Riga and I had no cause to complain. Just keep in mind that they are no-frills airline, ie you need to bring your own food and if you want that seat next to the emergency exit you better be prepared to fight with your elbows for it. Charges for overweight luggage are steep and no refund is given if you do not show up on time for check-in. The plane will not wait for you. If you pay 0.01 EUR ticket price plus 19.98 EUR in taxes, you can't expect the same service as a first class passenger with Singapore Airlines!

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    Bear in mind that they are exactly what they say they are - a "no frills" carrier.

    easyJet can offer cheaper fares due to a number of factors:

    1) They often fly to less 'popular' airports.

    2) They put as many passengers in as they can.

    3) You don't get lots of the extras we have got used to, such as free inflight catering.

    They will give you a seat on a plane to your destination. Nothing more, nothing less. Make sure you turn up on time at the airport, don't set your expectations too high, and you'll be fine.

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    1 decade ago

    i have been on is just like easy and comfy

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    1 decade ago

    If you are on it, it is good

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