Who created Lebanon & why . It's a new state created by France . But ,why ?

I mean what was in mind of France to create this mini state ?

Any help , folks ?

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    Lebanon was created as part of the post-WW1 Allied (mainly British and French) carve-up of the Ottoman Empire.

    The reason why Lebanon was created as a separate, small country goes back to the 19th Century. The Ottoman Empire in Asia Minor was still mostly intact; but the Ottomans had fallen far behind Europe in technology and industry, and found themselves forced to make concessions within their jurisdiction to foreign powers.

    One of the concessions demanded and obtained was the right of a foreign power to protect minority Christian groups within the Empire against Muslim persecution. Thus, Russia insisted that it be the protector of Orthodox Christians within the Empire; and France similarly insisted that it was the protector of Maronite Christians, who were mainly concentrated in the coastal strip around Beirut. A “special interest” in the Beirut area therefore became a mantra of French foreign policy from the time of Napoleon III.

    Although French forces played little part in the WW1 campaigns against the Ottomans, France was successful in persuading the British (who were doing most of the fighting) that it should get a share of the spoils once victory came. So, when peace came, France was essentially given all of modern Syria and Lebanon to govern.

    Taking that area as a whole, the vast majority of the population was Muslim. But the French noted that, by separating Lebanon from Syria, they could create an enclave on the coast where Christians could at least share power, rather than remaining a tiny minority. So that is what they did, drawing up a frontier between Syria and Lebanon; and creating a form of constitution for Lebanon that reserved a specified share of political power for the Christians. And all of this seemed to conform neatly to Woodrow Wilson’s recipe for rights of self-determination for small nations.

    In American political parlance, Lebanon was actually created as a gerrymandered electoral district.

    Source(s): "A peace to end all peace"
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    Lebanon was part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire from the 16th century, until administered by France under a League of Nations mandate 1920 - 41. It was declared independent in 1941, became a republic in 1943, and achieved full autonomy in 1944.

    Source(s): Hutchinson Encyclopedia
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    It was on the lines of the Sykes-Picot agreement between Britain and France. In that agreement Britain and France agreed to divide the Arab land that belonged to the Ottoman empire before WW 1. They decided to betray the Arab revolution and take the land themselves. And the more division you make the weaker those country become and controlling them becomes easier (divide and conquer). France decided to separate Lebanon since it had high number of Christians. Britain separated Palestine to establish Israel. Historically what's known now as Syria Lebanon Jordan Palestine were all in one state for a very long time.

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    Why not? You have a small cosmopolitan area on the edge of the big mid-east, at the time dominated by Christian groups. Why not let them have their own little state? At the time, they were a lot closer to Turkey and Greece in tone, so why lump them in with the assorted giant arab states? Especially since it would have been difficult for the arab regimes to rule them anyways>

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    The christians of lebanon wanted to be independent from the surrounding muslim arabs. The french granted them their wish to protect them as they were buddies.

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