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A.M. Rouhi Eng

How do you do. Write letter and visit you for the time. Sincere to is hope you

can make for reference of your company to hold.

I make handle all kinds of in Taiwan. Manufacturers of the slide rail. we found the

Information about your company. Head office of us in Taiwan. set up and produce the

factory in China’s Mainland .this is a website of us our company.

Except http://www.homei.com.tw

Our company makes all kinds of all kinds of handles. Slide rail. accept the products which customizes the handle and us too outside except have sense of designing. beautiful outside. quality con have international competitiveness even more. certainly it is quite competitive too in price.

If you have any interest to our products. Hope to be able to do for the cooperative reference target of your company.

If you begin a chance of the business for us. We will be more grateful

Wait for the answer and suggestion of you agreement

Wish that there is a beautiful day

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    唉... 說真的, 如果你要這樣寄信給外國客戶, 我可以保證大概沒幾個人看的懂... 讓我幫你吧:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    This e-mail(letter) is on behalf of XXX Company in Taiwan. (在商業書信中, 盡量避免用how do you do這樣通俗的問候方式, 除非已經是認識的客戶) We would like to send some information for your company's reference.

    We are the company in Taiwan making all different kinds of handles, slide rail with manufacturing factory in Mainland China. We made our handles in China while we have our head office in Taiwan. Here is our website: http://www.homei.com.tw Please visit our website for reference of our company and products. We have produced all different kinds of handles, slide rails and also accepts all different kind of handles for custom-making with our extremely design team or your own design as well. Qulaity is our competitive strength in the market and low prices as well. If you have any interests in our products, please feel free to contact with us. If there is any question as well, please also contact with us at anytime.

    We will be looking forward to receiving your reply. Thank you very much.



    XXX Company

    商業書信大致就是這樣吧, 有問題再問吧...

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