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英翻中 老師出的論文.菜英文看不懂..希望不要翻譯機的#2

1.2 Research Motives

Globalization is the goal must to achieve for a contemporary enterprise that they can survive in

today's business environment. Market penetration in their local market areas could become not

making progress anymore, therefore the enterprise must seek to expand. Since enterprises in grown

economies face this situation, so they seek markets that are not as developed as their own. The

entire markets are marked like emerging or poor developed markets.A useful concept is offered by

Jone(2002). The corporation will need to apply its own means to the entry task: information

processing, communication, transportation and organization. Kedia (2002) provides a brief statement on each approch, with a view toward a rationale to undertake each.

There are more and more business that have extended their territories into our global market.

Enterprises seek to maximize profits while meeting custmer needs or increase the Customer

Satisfaction Index, but this profit-seeking strategy must to consider where the business

opportunities are. As the first stage for any enterprise that desires to expand into new

International markets, they must to understand well the barriers of market entry.

Therefore, it is a interesting topic to research the barriers of market entry. After early this

century's Internet bubbles crises, business model has been changed lots. Enterprises have been

looking for new strategy like to change corporation strategy yo survive because they hve learned

from the past experiences that keep operate only on local business area obstinately must loss

many global business opportunities. People interesting to dig out those factors which always

impact to those firms, that those factors block them to entry th global market.

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    今天商業環境。 市場滲透在他們的地方市場領域能成為沒有

    獲得進展再,因此企業必須尋求擴展。 從企業在增長



    Jone (2002)。 公司將需要運用它自己的手段於詞條任務: 信息

    處理,通信、運輸和組織。 Kedia (2002)在每approch提供一份簡要聲明,看法往理論基礎承擔其中每一。




    機會是。 第一階段為渴望擴展入新的任何企業


    所以,它是研究市場進入障礙的一個有趣的題目。 在及早此以後

    世紀的互聯網泡影危機,業務模式是被改變的全部。 企業是



    許多全球企業機會。 人們有趣總是挖掘那些因素


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    1.2 研究動機




    經濟面對這一種情形,因此,他們尋求市場哪一是不同樣地發展同樣地他們自己的。 那



    希望對你有幫助~ :)

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