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Using this “divide-and-conquer” strategy to define MIS, we can see that MIS is significantly more than just the computer hardware and software. In fact, technology is only a small part of the scheme of making an organization run more effectively and efficiently. We would usually use the term Information Technology (IT) to describe the narrow System aspect of MIS. Unfortunately, students and general public often mistake IT for MIS and think that learning software alone is sufficient in taking care of an organization’s information needs.

Another narrow definition of MIS is often used in information systems textbooks: MIS lies above the simple transaction processing (like calculating and printing out of paychecks). In the 60s their primary function was to produce scheduled managerial reports, but later MIS functions began to include monitoring (i.e., issue warnings when the inventory is low or that the manufacturing processing is out of control). Thus, MIS requires the knowledge of how to process data into information. Without this knowledge, the fastest computer in the world would not know whom to print checks for and how much each check ought to be. Similarly, without someone to tell the computer the condition to raise a red flag, a computer would not know when it is considered to have a problem. Never underestimate the capability for a computer to make mistakes faster than humans.

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    確定MIS的使用這ivide 和conquerstrategy的,我們能看見MIS是相當不僅僅是的計算機硬體和軟體。 實際上,技術只是一個讓人更有效且高效率地運轉一個組織的計畫的小的部分。 我們通常使用術語資訊技術(IT) 描述MIS的狹窄的系統方面。 令人遺憾,學生和普通民眾經常把IT 誤認為MIS 和認為單單學習軟體在照顧一個組織的訊息需要過程中足夠。

    MIS的另一個狹窄的定義經常被在資訊系統教科書裡使用︰ MIS 高於簡單的事務處理(象計算和在工資支票之外列印一樣)躺 . 在那些60年代內他們的主功能是生產計畫的經理報告,但是的晚些時候,包括監控,MIS 功能開始(即, issue warnings when the inventory is low or that the manufacturing processing is out of control). 因此,MIS要求知識怎樣將數據處理成訊息。 沒有這知識,最快的計算機在世界上將不知道列印誰檢查和每檢查應該是多少。 與此類似, 沒有某人告訴計算機狀態提升一面紅旗,一台計算機將不知道什麼時候它被認為有一個問題。 決不低估一台計算機的功率使錯誤比人快。


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