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heavy 和 heavily 的差別

As the title, what's the difference between heavy and heavily?

請問如果heavy當副詞, 那haevy 和heavily的意思相同嗎?

可以舉例說明嗎? Thanks!

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    heavy ( adv. ) 沈重地 ; 笨重地 ; 大量地

    Time hangs heavy on his hands.

    heavily ( adv. ) 沈重地 ; 沈悶地,鬱悶地 ; 猛烈地,厲害地 ; 濃密地,繁茂地

    He sat down heavily.

    "I don't understand you," she said heavily.

    He is drinking heavily.

    The rain came down heavily all night.

    This area is heavily populated.

    Source(s): yahoo vocabularies
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    1. 形容詞

    He is so heavy.

    2. 名詞

    With his wrinkled, uneven face, the actor always seemed to play the heavy in films.



    He relied heavily on drugs to stay asleep.

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    heavy 當副詞使用時,就等於 heavily


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