help me with this !!!eczema?

i am a typical sixteen-year old malaysian girl and i have eczema since i was ...well quite a baby. i took some medicines like homeopathy when i was a kid and my condition improved a lot right now.

but still there are some parts of my body that is still aching like hell (including right now). 2 months ago i went to a skin specialist and she gave some creams and so on and things went out so well a couple of weeks after that. but now, things seems to go in its old way and like my mum says, modern medicine just suspend my eczema and not cure them. forgot to say i took another homeopathy last year and it hurts like hell. but i know it is much better because the medicine is trying to get that hell thing off my blood. so there any way i can cure myself without enduring pain too much?

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    Atopic dermatitis is an immune-mediated inflammation of the skin, often with a significant genetic component. Pruritus is the primary symptom; skin lesions range from mild erythema to severe lichenification. Diagnosis is by history and examination. Treatment is moisturizers, avoidance of allergic and irritant triggers, and often topical corticosteroids.

    1. All eczema are commonly due to allergies and dry skin combined.

    2. All alergies has resistance levels. This means if you give a product today and it was OK then that does not mean that person is not allergetic to it. Tomorow the same product can trigger allergies.

    3. Protiens are the source of major allergies. Try to introduce protien rich food later. Also avoid milk, potatoes, wheat, eggs (esp. whites), sea-food, food colors, artificial food favorings and nuts.

    4. Keep the child away if you are cooking in your home. I found that the smell of allergy causing food also creates allergies.

    5. Keep a log of daily activities including food / drinks, motion and irritations. If you keep the log it will be easier to find the problem foods.

    6. Give one food for one week without switching. Start with rice and carrots or rice and broccoli (choose one). Give the same food for a week. If severe allergies are noted then remove it from diet and introduce a new one. Any one food introduced should be given continously for 1 week.

    7. After giving a bath pat with a towel slightly leaving a film of water in the skin. Seal that to skin by applying thick gel like plain Vaseline. Many creams also create allergies so be careful in using creams other than plain unscented Vaseline. Also do not use the baby oil - many kids are allergic to mineral oil.

    8. The allergies becomes severe if you reintroduce the same allergic food again and again but may go away if you remove it from diet for long periods like more than a month.

    9. Angry and sad moods of child make the situation worse. I know that a child with eczema takes parents to the edge and many times we may become harsh. Try to keep your child happy.

    10. An unconventional treatment, NAET ( worked well for my grandson. For people I have referred it did not work well since it depends a lot on the practitioner. For my granddaughter we did not take treatment since we knew a lot about eczema and could control it well.

    11. It is late to tell you but it is best to introduce the solids a little late to kids with eczema.

    12. If your child has severe itch, ask him/her to scratch using the back of the nails by scratching backwards (in the opposite direction of normal scratch). You can also scratch him like that. Less damage occurs by scratching reverse.

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    Eczema is a skin condition that is brought about by either internal or external factors, which are genetics, and unhealthy or severe environmental situations. Characterized by rashes, itches, swelling, redness, and even bleeding, eczema is a highly irritating, and bothersome, skin ailment that must be treated at once. The constant irritations of this skin condition may affect anyone's ability to function well, and do their regular routine successfully. The crucial question to ask now is, "How do you safely and instantly cure eczema?".

    I want to highly recommend this natural eczema curing method for all eczema suffers

    Hope it helps.

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    My little boy had eczema on his cheeks. I was not sure what method to use but I didn't want to make my boy go through any surgery treatments at this young age. Some suggested a plastic surgeon since it was in a very visible location but our family doctor recommend this natural guide.

    Best Eczema Treatment?

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    I'm sorry, my daughter has the same condition and we are constantly trying new things for her eczema and it always comes back. The only thing that we do is us a topical steriod when she has an outbreak and OTC claritan, it seems to be brought on by allergies. In between times we use eucerin cream and lubriderm.

    I wish we could find something also.

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    Ayurvedic Treatment For Eczema

    In Ayurveda eczema is known as “Vicharchika”. It can be acute or chronic. The chronic variety is most common. Depending upon the type, oozing, itching and exfoliation of skin are prominent symptoms.


    It can be caused by vitiation of all doshas. However, vitiated Pitta and blood play prominent role. They vitiate skin and mamsa, and produces eczema. Vata and kapha can take part in pathogenesis and produce different symptoms.


    Vata type - the affected skin is very dry and there is pain with severe itching.

    Pitta type - there might be oozing and other symptoms like burning or fever.

    Kapha type – The skin is slightly thick with white color with oozing and itching.


    Since Pitta and blood are common in all types, medicated purgation or if possible blood letting should be done. Afterwords use cooling alliterative herbs to purify blood like neem, aloe vera, blue flag, burdock, chaparral, dandelion, and tinospora cordifolia. Medicated ghee prepared with these herbs gives excellent results.

    Panchatika ghrita 1 tea-spoon twice a day for 1 month and tab. arogyavardhini 250mgm. 3 times a day for 1 month is indicated in all types.

    In Kapha type, heating alliterative herbs like myrrh, prickly ash, and bayberry are useful. Any of these can be given in dose of 1 gm. Twice a day for 1 month.

    Tab. chaturmukh rasa with gold (BR) 50 mgm. Twice a day with khadirarishta 15 ml. 3 times a day for 1 month is ideal.

    Application of mahamarichyadi oil or guduchyadi oil (BR) is useful.

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    Well Nisa,

    Let me give you a little eating habit tips:)

    Avoid foods that trigger or worsen eczema,also avoid external causes,such as wearing wool clothing next to the skin.

    You can consume more antioxidants as preliminary studies have proved that foods rich in this substance can in prove eczema.Brightly colored fruits and vegetables including apricots,squash,mangoes,carrots,pumpkin and sweet potatoes are good choices besides that eat foods rich in essential fatty acids and get lots of vitamin B12.

    Im sure that this eating guide will help you.

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    Eczema patients can avoid scratchy fibers for softer ones like bamboo, cotton, or silk, which are gentler on the skin. Opting to buy organic fibers can also be a wise, healthy, and eco-friendly alternative. Learn here

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    when i had this same problem growing up. As i got older it seem to just away but i had to stop eating certain things like chocolate, oranges and tomatoes also I couldn't sit in grass so you might want to find out if there's anything that you may be alleged to

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