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How would people of Lebanon describe their lives and country to an American who has never been there?

I keep seeing questions from the Lebanon section so now I'm curious about Lebanese yahoo!answerers.

Though I was born outside of the U.S., I have absolutely no idea how non-Americans perceive their own countries.

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    The people of Lebanon are hard working and very smart and extremely well educated...they do not have the "easy life" other people in other countries have: they have to pay for education, health insurance and whichever basic necessity usually provided by any government...we have ingenuated ideas for compensating for lack of services from our government (like generators when electricity fails, water tanks that provide water to houses when water is cut thru the pipes...)

    Lebanese people have an incredible endurance so they tend to excel in any job they get outside Lebanon (inside Lebanon there are many others like them so they tend to go un-noticed).

    Lebanese are very good in crisis times, cuz we probably went thru many wars...we don't panick and start to scream and cry when a war begins or when a massive explosion occurs (we don't run away from the explosion, we go there to watch what is happening and maybe get a few pics with our phones or help out a couple of people get out of the ruins before the Red Cross makes it to the scene)...we just know how to help our family and our neighbors and our we never have councelling after a crisis, we have our loved ones there for us.

    Lebanon is a very beautiful country but it has "messy" neighbors. Lebanon is blessed with great weather, lovely scenery and many ancient sites and ruins. It is a small country which makes travelling inside it not very exhausting.

    I love Lebanon and the Lebanese and I am proud of my country and its people

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    Kate is 100% correct !

    I am part Lebanese & only visited last year for the first time .Since I was a child I had heard all about the beauty of Lebanon , the clean air , freshest of fruit & vegetables , purity of the water , the amazing history , friendliness of the people , the incredible hospitality , resilience & ingenuity of the people etc etc .

    Visiting for the first time to meet family ( at the age of 57 ! ) was a little bit daunting because my heritage was all we have in common I thought !

    We had 4 weeks & in that time my life was turned upside down !

    Everything I was told , all of my life is TRUE !

    Lebanon is the jewel in the crown ! We were accepted & welcomed by everyone , not just family , & came away feeling at one with the people as if we had lived there forever !

    If you have an opportunity , go find out & experience this for yourself !

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    I left my country Lebanon when I was 10 and I have gone back many years later. I was surprised of myself of how much I loved it. I thought that living almost all my life in another country would make things difficult for me as I got used to another way of living and another mentality. But the truth is that I was surprised of how beautiful my country is, how beautiful are it's people. They are friendly and generous by nature. They are simple people who love to live, partying all the time, having the family over for meals... They live very united and they overcome any difficulties.

    And what can I say about it's landscapes, they are breathtaking. We have beautiful mountains and lovely beaches. The weather is perfect and it never rains in the summer, you have 100% sunny days.

    In Lebanon, you have always something to do, you never run out of ideas. You can go shopping at beautiful modern malls, have the most exquisite meal at a seafood restaurant, have a ride to a nearby mountain; Everything is close. I could go on & on but you have to feel the spirit there so u'll understand better.

    I hope one day my dream will come true; to go back to Lebanon and stay.

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    Well im Lebanese from Australia Living in Lebanon now,the life in here is pretty amazing and full of life,and ppl are very open minded!!

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    we are smart charming people (its in the genes) we adapt quickly and are open minded, most of us know at least one foreign language.

    Lebanon is the most beautiful country on earth sitting perfectly in the middle of the world, (which make it prime location for big country conflict battle fields which sucks) its kinda in a mess now but 30 years ago it was called switzer land of the east and it was, and it will be called that again soon :D, hell its still beautiful even after 30 years of conflict and war

    I love you Lebanon you rock

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    U.S.A and Lebanon are so much common in their lifestyle. I am an American who has been living here and to tell you the truth there is so much common. The people here are opened minded.

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    It took time to read the comments before me...

    Shall I say more!!!

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