Can you straighten deep wave human Track hair?

I've been wearing braids and just recently started wearing weaves. Right now I have a straight one. I like straight, but sometimes I don't want to just have to be able to wear it straight. Sometimes i feel like wearing it I wanted to know if you can straighten deep wave track hair for the times i want it straight or is there a certain type of wet and wavy track hair? answers are appreciated and needed soon!


if there is a such thing as wet and wavy track hair can someone tell me where I can find it, the lady in the beauty supply store said there was no such thing.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It's much easier to curl a straight human hair weave than it is to straighten a curl or wave one. It's quite impossible.

    But a wet and wavy track human hair is easier. You can straighten it for the time you want and use mousse or IC oil moisturizer on it to make it wavy.

    Actually that's the best way if you want different styles.

    You can buy any kind of wet and wavy as long as it's 100% human hair.

    Hollywood is the best kind but it's very expensive.

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    if it is 100% human hair then you should be able to straighten it

  • 1 decade ago

    If you try hard enough, it could work.

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