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Virginia Tech Massacre and Myspace...?

VT massacre: myspace users - will you take 5 minutes of your time and add a comment to myspace VT page?

Trying to make this myspace page grow rapidly. It would be nice to have a mass amount of prayers, condolensces, love, etc., for the VT victims and their family and friends. Hopefully if it becomes large enough, students (and parents of students) at VT will see it, and will take comfort in knowing that so many people are grieving with them.

Just add as a friend, you will be accepted, and then you can leave your comment when you return to myspace.

xoxo Thank you


To you two:

yes, you do sound very cynical, and no i won't stop. I am trying to do a small good for those who are suffering because of this. I would assume that when you are in pain because of something like that, every bit helps. And I have done other things to help besides myspace, thank you.

Also, to say "enough already", is cold and nasty. Just because you are "over" hearing about it does not mean the people that were involved in any way are over it. Instead of critisizing me and what I am doing, why don't you take five minutes and write something nice down on the myspace page, a facebook page, a dedication website, etc. I would imagine having people like the people that signed my and other pages helps in a time of tragedy.

Instead of spending your time being negative towards me, do something positive.

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    Please stop this. They know the whole country is grieving with them.If you want to do something really good, set at myspace site for writting Congresman and Senators to approve Gun Control To have regulations on the selling of guns and ammo trhough the Internet. To University officials to make the most effort to provide assistance and counseling to troubled students. To proper authorities to create a program to teach survival procedures at Universities just in case of another incident like this one.Sorry if I sound incredibly cinycal and harsh, but there's nothing we can do about the dead and the relative's pain, but we have to move forward and work hard in establish measures the will prevent events like these from happening again.

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    I agree with cabron. Enough is enough already. I'm moving on. I can only be sad for so long...there are other people dying because of gun laws that aren't effective. People die everyday in tragic ways. It is very very sad...but I think everyone there is very aware of the nation's support for them right now.

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