Who Sold Cho Seung-Hui The Gun?

In The Virginia Tech Massacre?

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    numbers in brackets are references which can be found on the website above.


    Friday, February 2

    Cho orders a handgun online. He purchases the .22 caliber Walther P22 on the Internet from TGSCOM, Inc.[4][5][6]

    Friday, February 9

    Cho picks up the .22 caliber Walther P22 from J-N-D Pawnbrokers pawnshop in Blacksburg.[7][8]

    Monday, March 12

    Cho rents a van from Enterprise Rent-A-Car at the Roanoke Regional Airport that he keeps for almost a month. [9]

    Tuesday, March 13

    Cho purchases a 9 millimeter Glock 19 handgun and a $10 box of 50 9-mm full metal jacket practice rounds.[10]

    Thursday, March 22

    Cho shows up at the PSS Range, which is advertised as “Roanoke’s only indoor pistol range” and charges $10 per hour. Cho spends an hour practicing, buying four ammunition magazines for the Glock 19. Range employees, investigators later say, remembered a young Asian man videotaping himself inside a van in the parking lot. [11]

    Thursday, March 22

    Using the handle "Blazers5505" on eBay, Cho purchases two 10-round magazines for the Walther P22 from "bullelk14"[12] of Elk Ridge Shooting Supplies in Idaho. [13][14]

    Friday, March 23

    Cho purchases three additional 10-round magazines from oneclickshooting, another eBay seller.[15] [16]

    Saturday, March 31 (April 7, April 8 and April 13)

    Cho purchases additional ammunition magazines, ammunition and a hunting knife from Wal-Mart.[17] [18]

    -- unknown date

    Cho purchases additional ammunition magazines from Dick’s Sporting Goods and chains from a Home Depot.[19]

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    Some white guy from the Roanoke Gun Shop, 30 minutes from Virginia Tech

    Source(s): I saw the gun seller on the news
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    The gun shop in his residing house city. It replaced into on the information, the owner felt poor while he found out the gun got here from his shop. yet Cho had regardless of identity they require even nonetheless he replaced right into a pupil on a eco-friendly card or visa. We actually might desire to alter that regulation so as that we are able to a minimum of cut back revenues to u . s . electorate.

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    A legal gunshop owner. And hey, I am sure a guy who killed 32 people wouldn't have found a way to get guns, better ones even, illegally if the evil, bad old system turned him down for a gun.

    Let's not ask moot questions, you just cost yourself 5 points mein freund.

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    A unwitting Pawn Shop owner. The only reason he was able to purchase the gun was sue to the fact that his mental disorders were not on his record, since he sought help for them under a volunteer status.

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    He bought it from a pawn shop in Virginia.

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    Someone from a local gun shop.

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    Lets go back a bit who are the people who pick on him when he was in grade school and high school.

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    If he had used a car,would you be asking who sold him the car.

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    some red neck lol

    and don't bother trying to get revenge on him.....taht guy has like 10000 guns so if i were you....i'd just get at least 15000 guns before i try square things up.............which i don't recommend

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