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do men feel threatened by a woman who likes to bring toys in the bedroom to try to spice things up ??

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    I would think that if a guy did allow it, and was interested in pleasing her and trying new things, then she would probably end up being more interested in him and toss the toys after a few minutes and get on with spending more time with him. So I think that if more guys thought of it in a positive way, then they would have an even greater "happy ending" because the girl would be even more appreciative. She would see how much he cares about pleasing and exploring her body because he loves it.

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    All of the toys we have were purchased at "home parties" hosted by friends in which only women were allowed. My husband knew where I was going so he awaited my return eagerly. He was not at all intimidated by them and we had fun experimenting. While not all of the toys get used (there are some we just don't care for) we do use some on occasion and I never use them without him. He has nothing to be threatened by as they are just an accessory and are used mostly for foreplay as they are not quite like the real thing!

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    Are men threatened by a woman who likes to bring in toys to spice things up ... generall no.

    Are men threatened by women who go out looking for sex toys that are bigger then them? Maybe.

    Make sure your husband knows what you're doing, that's all I can suggest.

    If your husband came home one day and said 'I bought us a sex toy to spice things up. It's an artificial vagina and its incredibly tight!!!' you might not take it that well.

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    I wish she would get them out more with me or by herself would be fine its a turn on and its great to know she is enjoying herself and with the man and advancing the love life to the next level .Love spicing things up go for it .

    Wish she would take the lead more in that way .

    What would you recommend to help wife be more open ?

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    My hubby did when I went to the store with my girl friends adn I came home with movies and a new toy..I already had toys but the fact that I did it on my own pissed him off.

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    Mine is okay with it. He knows a toy can't mow the grass....

    We shop for toys together and on occasion pull out the toy box and have a blast.

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    What is the old saying? "He who has the most toys wins". This then should be a "Win Win" situation. Relax, and learn about Your inhibitions and self doubts. Personally I get along quite well with the notion that My Partner is enjoying Herself.

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    My husband loves it when I get out the toys. We actually go to the shop together to pick out the toys. He rocks!

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    If a man is secure in his sexuality then No he might even enjoy playing with them!

    Well if he lacks confidence then I guess he'll feel thats theres a reason you have your toys!

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    Not if he's confident in his own sexuality. From my experience, men find it to be a turn on because it shows that you are open to new experiences and bold. Go for it.

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