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How to become a porn star actor xxx?

A lady friend of min went to this link abouve about 3 weeks ago and she got hired 650.00 hr and is going to Cali. in 2 weeks. How much could a male porn actor get paid? straight sex only

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    As you might imagine, there is no shortage of men wanting to get paid to have straight sex with porn actresses. Like everything else, it's supply and demand. Look for a different line of work, dood.

    Source(s): common sense, but here's a CNN interview that indicates a guy can make as much in a day as a woman makes in an hour.
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    Source(s): Girl Alone Live Webcam -
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    it would not shock me in any respect.... i've been within the swing subculture for practically two years now and there are such a large amount of men which might be at the DL (down low) that you just could under no circumstances believe this man used to be bisexual rationale he enjoys having intercourse with females such a lot however there also are those who revel in having a man suck him off or doing an additional man up the butt.

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    Damn...i think i might become a pornstar!! lol

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