What is the most accurate 2", STS, revolver for personal protection?

Is S & W the best way to go? For reliability, safety and accuracy, is a 357 preferred over a 38?

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    1 decade ago
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    The Smith & Wesson 640 is a pretty decent gun, five shot, double action only, revolver.

    The Ruger SP101 is another good snubby.

    Taurus makes a nice snubby as well.

    I'd stay with a .38 spl. Load with 125 gr. jacketed hollow points. Use the standard stuff, not the +P rounds. The bullet is quite capable of doing its job at close range.

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    Smiths are good products, reliable, easy to maintain, and priced well. Some of the knockoff like Taurus are OK, but the quality control just isn't there.

    For a 2", I'd stick with a .38. .357 rounds in a 2 inch are pretty tough to control.

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    No 2in revolver is going to be very accurate. Get a .357 magnum. You can shoot .38 specials out of a .357, but not vice versa. S&W makes good revolvers, but they are expensive.

    Check out the Ruger models or even Taurus.

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    I use an S&W "Bodyguard" as a Pocket Handgun. It has a hammer shroud built-in to stop snagging in clothing. Mine is quite accurate. i killed a muskrat at 120 yards with it. It won't do that every shot, but it beats other pistols of its size I've tested. A .357 this small kicks badly and has wicked muzzle blast, plus it isn't as accurate. If you keep a gun only in the house, you can have a bigger one or use a shotgun as someone said.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The best personal protection weapon (for home) is a shotgun. Stopping power and accuracy doesn't matter much.

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    #1 357Magnum and you can shoot 38's in it also. use 357 ammo in it for protection.. S&W is an excellent choice..

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