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How do I get rid of this? I'm sick of 40+ windows popping up.

Only occurs when I am in my yahoo mail.


Addt'l info: I was not clicking on any link, just reading my normal everyday mail. Currently using adaware and pop up blocker and McAfee (yes, it is updated). Also deleted cookies and history. Seems I have to delete the cookies on a daily basis to avoid this. Also running adaware and McAfee on a daily basis instead of weekly is helping.

Thank you to everyone who responded!!

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    I'm not clicking on it. . .

    But you can try Spybot, Ad-Aware Personal Edition, and Norton Anti-Virus (or whatever program comes with your computer. These are all great programs that I use, and I am virus free!

    P.S. I used to have a lot of viruses, which is why I downloaded all of these products. But google spe.atdmt and you will find more results. Just don't go on there website. It gives a lot of viruses!!! Please add that to "Additional Details" so nobody clicks it! My pc picks up spe.atdmt a lot, and then gets rid of it. So I am familiar with it, but don't know what casues it. Just stay off the website, use the free scanners, and use your common sense!

    P.P.S DON'T USE THE POP-UP BLOCKER!!! Okay, well let me rephrase that. Don't RELY on the pop-up blocker!!! Use it to make browsing less anoying, but still try to get rid of it, as it does worse things than give you pop-ups!

    P.P.P.S Download CCleaner to delete your cookies! Ad-aware should do this as well, but better safe than sorry! It gives a lot of tracking cookies!

    P.P.P.P.S Download Firefox. Its a much safer browser than IE, and using it, you can't get a virus just by visiting a web site!

    (Google these programs if you don't know where to download them.)

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    I'm not going to click on the link either. McAfee tested this and found it to be a site for adware, spyware, viruses, spam, etc. So, you probably have all of the above. If you don't have antivirus and antispyware, shame on you. You cannot operate a computer today on the internet without picking up stuff, and all of the best protective programs are free. After you clean up your computer, then download and run Microsoft's Live OneCare Cleanup Scan to safely and quickly remove the crap from the registry.

    Avast 4-Home or AVG 7.5 antivirus

    SpyBot Search & Destroy and Ad-Aware

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    Since it does not occur when you open anything else, or you would have said it does, then don't open that email, or if it is more than one, contact yahoo, or your ISP, and ask about blocking email or spam blocker, or popup blocker. To use Microsoft's Internet Explorer popup blocker, go to tools, then internet options, then privacy, then enable popup blocking.

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    block the pop-ups, the pop-up blocker is there in your internet explorer tool bar. It is simple. Even if you require to allow some pop-ups like login screens you can temporarily allow pop-ups :)

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    turn on pop-up blocker, tools >pop-up blocker> turn-on pop-up blocker and then click "pop-up blocker setting.." under tools menu and copy and paste the URL you 've given in the settings dialog box click "Add" and also keep the "filtering level" to maximum in it and then see if you are free from unnecessary pop-ups

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    Something like that has happened to me, I just restored my computer to a day or two before it happened. You don't lose any of your files.

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