If Bush breaks the law, should he go to prison?

Alright go to this site, and read this short letter from congress to bush asking him to publicly renounce VNRs. Then tell me what you think.http://www.commondreams.org/news2005/0107-09.htm Can we really trust our media?? Seriously. And I'm not talking about obvious propaganda like Fox News or CNN, I mean can we trust ANY media form in this country anymore? Why do we as Americans put up with this kind of malarkey from our government? Things like this, the patriot act... why do we allow it??


gandamac2 and people like you... do you even read questions before you answer them? Or do you just see the word Bush and want to defend him?

Update 2:

To soldier... yes we can do better than a president who lies, kills innocent people for oil, and can't speak english with his bushims. But if people like YOU don't think we can do better, than we will be an even stupider country in 5 years will all the censoring of all forms of education.

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    The United States of America is supposed to be founded on the legal principle of the Rule of Law. Under the Rule of Law, no person is exempt from the law, and if they break the law, the punishment should be the same for all people.

    George Bush is required to comply with the law of the United States of America. According to the doctrine of the Rule of Law, if he breaks the law, he should be punished accordingly.

    The problem is that the way in which crimes are processed - and, in particular, crimes involving political figures - is subject to the discretion of the Attorney-General. An Attorney-General may well decide that prosecuting a former President of the United States would do more to damage the public interest than it would to redeem it, and, as a result, decide not to prosecute a former President.

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    Of course, but we all know Presidents who break the law do not go to prison. Take for example Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. The crimes they committed have historically sent the 'common man' to prison, yet nothing happened to them. Bill Clinton became a rich man after that. Go figure.

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    There's an old saying, 'Don't believe everything you hear and only half of what you see.' Did you know that 'glorious leader'--sorry--ran several companies into bankruptcy and that his father was head of the CIA for a number of years? He wasn't legally elected--remember each time he ran? 'Glorious leader' will never be convicted of anything until his father passes on. Odd, too, how his popularity, which was dropping to an all time null just prior to the Sept.11 attacks, suddenly went up.

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    allright i'm not going to that sight and doing research for a question on yahoo answers but i will say this, according to the geneva convention, it is improper warfare to put an assassination attempt out on a leader, so he personally o.k'd the airstrike to take out saddams sons, what were their names uday and qusay, what ever, isn't that a blatent war crime, so yea prosecute him, hang him whatever, i don't care he sucks, i think it ridiculous that clinton bout got impeached over white water, and dubya and cheney have and still get rewarded for oh what's the name of that company that are inherently evil, you know the ones that overcharged for feeding the troops, no not enron or exxon, or tyco, what is it, cheney was the c.e.o for a while, guess i just figuired out what the next question i ask yahoo is, nevermidn it's haliburton

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    Yes he should. But he won't. No, we can not trust our media. The rest of the world is getting the true story. We are not. He should be impeached but again, it doesn't look as if he will be. Actually he should be given the death penalty as a war criminal.

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    If you think you can do better, go elsewhere and form your own country and government. In the mean time, quit making armchair complaints from the comfort of your home. For the record, I don't think that Bush is that great of a president, but I know I couldn't do any better.

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    we cannot trust our media.

    Bush never will be removed but he should be.

    We are good people but we like to be deceived

    most believe what they see in CNN, FOX etc...and the things that reporters say, most of them "Prepaid" to influence people minds. It 's same as CUBA.

    Gov bought every important TV signal.

    ..."The oil is for us...."...just remembering..jeje

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    Of course that somebody who brakes the Law should go to prison. The president of the U.S. also if it is foreseen by your constitutional laws.

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    Yes he should, no one is above the law.

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    Gitmo for dumbo!

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