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18日去 Bicester Village 血拼之後




英文不是問題 但是英國牛津以前沒去過)









Pitt Rivers Museum和

Christ Church meadow

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    I am surprised not very many answers yet! There are lots of Chinese students living in Oxford.... Here are my tips:

    Go to Tourist information on Broad Street, either take their Children's tour (1.5hr) if they do it, or the University & City Tour (2hr). They are very very informative. You will be able to see all the beautiful buildings (Bodlean Library, Radcliffe Camera, Sheldonian Theatre, various college buildings) and take photos that you see on many postcards.

    Or, find a walking tour online before you leave home (e.g., print out the information and follow it around. The following is useful for seeing what places look like.

    Do not bother to go up the Carfax tower for a view of Oxford. The view from University Church of St Mary the Virgin (entrance by Radcliffe Camera) is better, and they have a good coffee shop.

    The two places you mention:

    Pitt Rivers Museum:

    Memorable for: Display of ten shrunken human Heads (tsantsas) from South America instructions on how it is done. They are the size of an orange. I did not find anything else memorable there but the heads make it more interesting than the larger Ashmolean museum.

    Christ Church meadows

    This is far from Pitt Rivers. Nice in good weather and also if you want to punt on the river. It is a meadow, not a park, so not very much to see. I do not recommend it on a half day trip because there are plenty of other green spaces in Oxford. For example, Pitt Rivers museum is next to the University Park (the river also runs through this). If the meadow is part of a guided tour, then go because the guide can tell you stories like which tree Alice (in Wonderland) is supposed to have fallen asleep, and many scenes from Harry Potter was filmed at Christ Church College.

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    Do not bother with The Oxford Story.

    Do not bother with paying money to see the inside of a college. It is not very interesting, the best thing is usually the chapel. On your own it takes about 10 minutes to look around. I would only bother if it is included in a guided tour.

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    The Covered Market is over 200 years old. Buy some warm-from-the-oven cookies at Ben's Cookies.

    I already emailed you about eating places. Let me know how your trip goes!

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    不知道你是安排在同 一天去 牛津和 Bicester Village ? 如果是這樣的話,那你去牛津校園 逗留的時間應該不多了

    其實如果你可以停留 牛津一整天的話,有很多地方是可以去觀光的 ,因為牛津很大,在那兒有紅色的觀光巴士,定點停留,無限次數上下車.你可以考慮搭這種付費的巴士

    以下是 牛津的華人推薦的餐館

    三餐要講求迅速,方便,College是一個不錯的選擇; 另外,市中心也有 McDonald,Burger King 及 KFC可 選擇。中國餐館多為港式如 :

    西安館位於Summertown之Banbury Rd

    半島酒樓位於George St.

    煙寨位於Worcester St. 和George St.交叉口

    騰皇閣位於Hythe Bridge St.

    鹿鳴村位於Castle St.上

    食神館(Caf Orient):位於 George Street 上,Coach Station 車輛出入口正對面,「煙寨」的旁邊。小小的,但可選擇之餐點種類還不少,湯麵、湯河粉、客飯均有,日式餐點也有一些。份量中等,內用外帶均可,價格約 3~5 英鎊之間。顧客多為亞洲地區的留學生。

    香港樓(Hong Kong House):位於 Summertown House 北側,South Parade 與 Banbury Road 交口處,公車站為 BBC Oxford。各式飯麵類均有,份量中等,內用外帶均可,價格約在 3~4 英鎊之間。客源多為 Summertown 一帶之各國留學生與當地住戶。

    龍翔(Dancing Dragon):位於 Summertown 北方,Banbury Road上,一個公車站左右的距離,規模在牛津地區算大的,生意相當興隆,顧客多為外籍學生與人士。

    東方不敗:位於 Said Business School 正對面,店面看起來小小的,但裡面空間相當大。港式口味為主,燒烤類客飯,廣式粥品,均可一嘗。不過平均價格稍高一些,且份量也略少一點點。


    位於Headington shop, 在郵局的旁邊,多數人認定此為牛津第一名的中式餐廳

    價位套餐大部份約5磅, 有特別菜單最貴到6.5磅!

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