Mountain Bike?

What is the best mountain bike to but between 200-300 dollars?


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    1 decade ago
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    In all honesty, you cant buy a real mountain bike for $200-300. However, If your just tooling around, and casually riding trails, you can buy a Giant boulder for $270. This is a real mountain bike brand and widely respected for there bikes. I have a Giant AC, which is much more expensive($2,800) and I have not had one problem with it for 4 years now. Belive me, dont buy a Mongoose, or Huffy with "fake disk brakes" that are priced around $200. These brakes are for show only and provide horrible stoping. Another thing to discourage the ese types of bikes is the cheap, and sometimes pathetic build quality. You will end up paying more on the bike repairing it, that you spent buying it. Believe me.

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    1. I am a former road and track racer who has in recent years taken up cross country mountain biking. These days I prefer mountain biking to riding on the road for a few reasons: a. Even though you may more often have minor falls when mountain biking (due to the more technical terrain etc), at least you are not likely to be hit by a car, bus or truck - which can of course result in much more severe injuries. b. Generally speaking, mountain biking can take you to more scenic places. However, I have noticed two slight disadvantages of mountain biking: a. You seem to be very much affected by a lack of fitness - I really feel it if I am climbing up a steep uphill on my mountain bike. b. In the past couple of years my mountain bike has needed more frequent maintenance than my road bikes ever did. The chain and rear cluster seem to wear out a lot quicker than it does on a road bike. 2. Basically, the more you pay, the better your bike will be. So how much you spend should be determined by your own financial situation. At the very least, I would suggest getting a bike with all alloy components. Rear suspension can be good, but remember that it will add weight to your bike and that you will generally have to spend a lot more money to get a "dual suspension" bike that is as light as a "hard-tail".

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    Go to your local bike shop. Tell them what kind of riding you will be doing. Tell them your price range. Get suggestions based on fit and use. That's your best bet. It depends on what you're looking for. Avoid WalMart and those types of places, the bikes are junk. Go to a repuatble bike shop. Questions are free for the asking!!!

    Good luck ( =

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    The one which costs 200

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