how many 50kg bags of cement goes in 20 foot container for shipment?

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    well, the internal volume of a 20ft shipping container is about 1172 cubic feet

    Say a bag of cement is about a cubic foot you 'could' fit roughly 1172 bags into a container.

    However the combined weight would be 58,600 kg

    The maximum payload of a typical 20ft shipping container is only 21,800kg so clearly the quantity of bags is purely determined by weight rather than volume, giving you a maximum bag capacity of 436 bags of cement

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    Cement Containers

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    The above answer is correct regarding the 20' sea container's weight capacity. However, the sea container has to be transported to a port for loading on ship. Here in the US, max. gross weight of a tractor trailer is 80,000 lbs for use in over-the-road (OTR) transportation. Generally, to meet this condition, the gross weight of a 20 ft sea container should be limited to about 40,000 lbs. Consider a tare wt. of 4200 lbs for the sea van and you have 35,800 lbs for actual cargo weight (16,272 kgs) or about 325 (50kg) bags. The restricting factor is not the interior volume of the sea van or the weight capacity of the sea van, it is the OTR and axle weight limitation restrictions outlined in the D.O.T. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR's). The above numbers can change a bit depending on the type of rig used and its actual weight, but it isn't a good idea to get too close to the edge. Permitted transportation can exceed the 80,000 lb max., but overweight permits are issued only in the case that the load cannot be reduced by off loading.

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