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I am writing a paper on how feminism has turned negative?

what are you opinions? Do you think feminism has turned away from it's original agenda? Is it more about gender hating. The ex president of NOW (national org. of women) seems to think so along with other feminists. What do you think? Has feminism betraying women?

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    I think the women's movement definitely had it's purpose in the past...getting the vote, job opportunities, fair wages, etc.

    But now things are pretty much evened out and they're just starting to make women look like whiners. They call us feminazis and cringe when we even mention anything about equality. When you scream at the top of your lungs for 40 years people will eventually stop listening - they've stopped listening.

    feminism has also helped kill chivalry - women can't have it both ways...being treated like a lady and being treated like an equal. Personally, I think it's really sexy when a man still treats a lady like she's special and not an equal.

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    Talk about the true nature of feminism. Focus on what the feminist movement has done and is doing - skewed the system in women's favor (especially in case of domestic violence, divorce, child custody, employment, education etc..); trying to rewrite history; pushing/demanding for all kind of special perks for women at men's & boys' expense etc..

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    Other than Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, this is the first I've heard of it.

    Do you have concrete primary-source examples, and can you show it is widespread? Or is the anti-feminist right-wing simply trying to pigeon-hole it and demonize it?

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