Anyone work for the IRS and was due back pay? How long did it take? Was it in full, or in payments?


A family member is due back pay for this year as a tax examiner because IRS told him he would have to resign in order to take the money out of his TSP funds (Retirement thing with IRS) because of a hardship case last year. The family member was waiting for them to call him back, but they never did. Found out this IRS office went back to work in February. He's a Veteran, so they MUST call him back. A union rep is handling the case because the IRS was in the wrong for making him resign. It's being resolved now. I was wondering if anyone else had anything like this happen to them? How long did they have to wait? Was payment in full, or in payments?

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    *hi,thought someone out there would have known,sorry never had anything like this happen,however i went on the web and found this for you.i really hope it helps.good luck.

    Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration

    Provides independent oversight of Internal Revenue Service activities by conducting audits and investigations on behalf of the taxpaying public.

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