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Has Al Gore Global Warming Scare bubble burst?

Despite the liberals trying to shut up any science on Global Warming, more and more scientists are questioning the theory that CO2 causes global warming. Is the debate just beginning or has Al Gore be proven to be an Idiot?

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    Thanks for the links. But the interesting thing about all the links you sent were that they didn't criticize the theory of global warming, or even that CO2 omissions were not responsible. They questioned the politics and in some cases the methodology of the theory.

    Those who don't want to accept the theory of global warming call it "a theory," implying that it is unproven or untrue. But of course, a theory is still called a theory even when it is proven true (the Pythagorean Theorem, for example). Those who oppose environmental restrictions are the ones who play these sorts of word and concept games.

    The preponderance of the evidence indicates that not only is global warming a reality (almost no one disagrees with that), but that much of that warming is directly tied to human activity. In Australia just this past week, for example, the loss of ozone and the growth of much higher temperatures, has resulted in a drought and a complete halting of water for farmers in the Murray River valley.

    If you doubt the relationship between C02 emissions and global warming, please show me the scientific data that show what the cause is, not ad hominem polemics.


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    1 decade ago

    Every one is getting on the band wagon about global warming lately. Unfortunately, with all the third world countries use of wood as fuel and the wasteful use of our resources by all the other countries, it doesn't look like we can curb the trend. The stripping of the great Amazon forests can't be helping us either.

    It would take the whole world, not just a few countries or people to do this. It's a gloom and doom ,people hide because the sky is falling.

    Gore jumping on this bandwagon is so he may try again to run for president. We know he is given everything typed up so that he can make it sound real.

    The matter of global warming has over the millenniums past has been up and down several times in this planets history.

    His pretext that it is reversible in our time is as possible as his spelling of potato,or is it potatoe?This is like saying as of today we will ban the use of gasoline by 2107 so as to reduce carbon monoxide emissions to safe guard the ozone.

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    The Fad stuff is going crazy!

    I read in the local paper this morning about a dispute in Santa Clara (In Silicon Valley) over developing about 50 acres as houses

    The no-growth side invoked global warming saying that more development would result in more global warming

    The developer cited global warming because they are offering "Green" options like solar arrays


    This is a strong sign that global warming isn't clear to people

    Climate models are some of the most complicated pieces of software around; add some assumptions, and the fact this is taking place in slow motion and it's hard to wrap your cranium around

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    Glenn Beck is doing a show on global warming on May 2nd (I think) The show will focus on the scientific evidence which does not support Al Gore's theory.

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  • 3 years ago

    The Ice Age replaced into no longer further approximately via international tropical climate. it incredibly is concept to have been led to via a "Nuclear wintry climate" after the earth replaced into hit via an asteroid. Your concept to plant extra timber could be great yet in actuality the earth is dropping further and extra forests by way of guy, planting some timber won't help. the upward thrust in hurricanes, great-cellular thunderstorms, and the ailment led to via bugs is increasing at an alarming fee. i do no longer understand why human beings do no longer decide to stand info. Why are you unwilling to work out what's occurring? Why could anybody have the desire to make something like this up? Who features from it?

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    Thank you for your links. Last I checked Gore and President Bush are not running for office in 2008. Last I checked my weather I still have storms to consider here in lovely Florida. We extended our trip. Hawaii want him back, our home I have seen the craziest weather ever in my 47 yrs on Planet Earth. Except maybe the hurricane on my first birthday on Long island in 1960. That explains it all!!

    WHO ever did it it's real. Buy a new light bulb an enlighten yourself. But. I really like the homework! Well done. Aloha.

    Be es scared cuz Gore isn't running but Hill and Bill are. Image the bal*ls to run and create a new Ambassador position. Love them Clintons making them own laws. (forgot one was disbarred??)

    Clinton-Executive Orders

    Clinton-body count

    NY Sun Heroes & Cowards

    keep writing on, people may disagree but this is a format I

    hope for debate not irrate etcetera etcetera!

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    If Al Gore was interested in debate he would have accepted the offer to mediate a debate amongst scientists on both sides of the issue. He hasn't even bothered to answer the invitation.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Shouldn't we have a little more respect for the man who invented the Internet? He just needs attention. Thank God he won an Oscar for his documentary, otherwise the academy would still be recounting the votes. Get a life Al.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The world had the coldest April in 118 years. Yes, Algore is an idiot

  • 1 decade ago

    he is an idiot for thinking c02 and other stuff that he thinks is causing global warming but i think the Earth is just changing.

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