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Does Pride FC have better fighters than UFC?

This dude posted this on a YouTube video "UFC Champion Anderson Silva gets OWNED by a flying heel hook in PRIDE FC!

Anderson Silva vs Ryo Chonan

Anderson Silva vs Rich Franklin

Anderson Silva vs Travis Lutter

Anderson Silva vs Chris Leben

Anderson Silva vs Carlos Newton

UFC vs PRIDE for more info.

UFC Champions consistently get embarassed every time they fight in PRIDE. UFC fighters cannot survive in PRIDE, meanwhile PRIDE fighters become champions in UFC. PRIDE has better fighters than UFC" Im wondering which one is better

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    I believe they are pretty much equal. Also, after last night it should be made clear that both organizations have great fighters and anything can happen in MMA. At UFC 70, three Pride fighters got beaten by three UFC fighters. The three Pride fighters who lost were: Assuerio Silva, Werdum, and Crocop. Yes, even Crocop who I am a big fan of by the way got destroyed by a devestating high kick to the head. He was dominated by a man who he should have beaten easily. Gonzaga does deserve the win, he came out with a great game plan and beat Crocop fair and square.

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    Funny question considering what happened last night. Everyone though Crocop was going to come in and run roughshod over the heavyweight division and be the champ. Look at what happened its a little hard coming from an open ring and going into a caged octagon and thinking its all the same, Cro cop got handled he didnt seem to know what to do when he was pushed up against the cage, and he got knocked out. Fight of the night though was the Arlovskei fight Dana White needs to think about how boring that was and if it happens again release both of the fighters even if one has a championship, that was crap.

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    I like the rules in pride more, it's just more entertaining. Both have really good fighters in them so it can never be a 'which one is better' type of deal. It's about the fighters not the company that they fight for. Wanderlei silva and mirko cro cop have great success in pride but in UFC Wandy got ktfo by tito craptize and mirko just lost to someone fairly new to UFC. Gonzaga is really good though, so imo he shouldn't be embarrased about losing to him. He should be more embarrased about losing to kevin randleman.

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    Pride fighters that come into the UFC 'consistently get embarassed' by UFC fighters. Take last nights card for example. I get so tired of people hating on the UFC and saying that PFC is so much better. Its just not true. Look, they both have goo fighters, but UFC is where the money is and UFC is where they all end up tring to go to. Somthing to consider, is that this is MMA anyone can beat anyone at any time. Take last night's main event for example.

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    Neither are actually better than the other, each have their own followers and they have their reasons to back them. Pride rounds are longer than UFC rounds, there are a few differences in both, look them up compare on a different standard rather than looking at fighters, look at their rules and regulations, make your own decision, just because I might say UFC is better doesnt mean it's true..

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    the ufc fighters that you see fighting in pride are washed up or just starting.pride wants nothing to do with ufc is a sport where anyone at any time can win

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    So, Mirko Cro Cop didn't just get knocked the f*** out by UFC fighter Gabriel Gonzaga? There's great fighters from both organizations.

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    in bobs opinion there the same, i mean if you look at it pride kind of does tend to have better fighters, but at the same time look at nations colide, UFC boys was holding it down, the unstoppable Cro Cop got knocked out with a leg kick in the first round.

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    UFC vs PrideFC

    Jeff Monson vs Kazuyuki Fujita UFC 1 - PrideFC 0

    Andrei Arlovski vs Fabricio Werdum UFC 2 - PrideFC 0

    Gabriel Gonzaga vs Mirko Filipovic UFC 3 - PrideFC 0

    Chuck Liddell vs Alistar Overeem UFC 4 - PrideFC 0

    Chuck vs Rampage UFC 4 - PrideFC 1

    Franklin vs Silva UFC 4 - PrideFC 2

    O'brien vs Herring UFC 5 - PrideFC 2

    Assuerio Silva vs Tim/Vera/Kongo UFC 8 - PrideFC 2

    Pedro Rizzo vs Sergei Kharitonov/Roman Zentsov UFC 8 - PrideFC 4

    Pulver vs Sakurai/Gomi UFC 8 - PrideFC 6

    Diaz vs Gomi UFC 9 - PrideFC 6

    Penn vs Gomi UFC 10 - PrideFC 6

    Hughes vs Sakurai UFC 11 - PrideFC 6

    Just cause you like them more doesn't make them better, you can't agrue with the facts.

  • i think pride fc had better fighters than ufc

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