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I will be in K.C. in the fall. Which part(s) would you advise to not stay overnight in or walk thru at nite?

visiting K.C. in the fall

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    To be safe stay in Hotels in Blue Springs, Lees Summit, but there is a very nice one across the street from Kuffman Stadiums stay away from the city that is when bad things happen just to be safe north KC is safe

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  • Let's focus on where to stay that will offer nightlife. There is the Country Club Plaza area which offers shopping and fine dining. Also, you may want to check out one of the 2 newest shopping areas Zona Rosa near the airport or the West Legend Mall near the Nascar track, Great Wolf Lodge and Cabela's sporting goods.

    Stay away from downtown Kansas City, KS (Kansas side) at night. Also, some parts of mid-town Kansas City on the Missouri side are high crime.

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    I would suggest staying out of east Kansas City Missouri...the hotels that are along I-70 in Kansas City Missouri are pretty shady.

    Good places to stay are Johnson County (in Kansas), Wyandotte County (which is Kansas City, Kansas) or North of the river in Kansas City Missouri up north.

    I live in western Wyandotte County and like a lot of others said, there is The Legends Mall which includes, Cabelas, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Great Wolf Lodge (fun for kids) and Dave and Busters. Downtown Kansas City Kansas or eastern KC Missouri isn't the greatest but Western Wyandotte County or Johnson County or the Plaza in Kansas City Missouri would be my suggestions.

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    You'll be safe at Westport, Country Club Plaza, The Legends, Zona Rosa, and pretty much anyplace in Johnson County.

    Oh, and Truman Sports Complex... the way the Royals are playing, by the time you get there no one will be going to the games.

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    Stay out of eastern WyCo on the Kansas side. Stay out of eastern KCMO on the Missouri side. Contrary to reports on here, downtown KCMO is a great area. It's also low crime. Don't venture too far east though. Basically, stay west of Holmes and you'll be fine. The Plaza, Brookside and Waldo areas are the best parts of town. Some might say Westport too, but that area can become rather thug-heavy on weekend nights. Welcome to KC! We look forward to seeing you.

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    Stay in Johnson County or the Plaza area.

    Other good areas are Zona Rosa or the Legends area. (Close to new race track). Stay away from Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri. (at night)

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    South of the river in Kansas City, Missouri and both downtown Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri. Anything west of KCK or Northof the river in KCMO is a safe bet!!

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    I've been in KC all my life and have never heard of any rapes on the Plaza. Purse snatching, maybe because it is a shopping area. But RAPES?? No. LOL

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    You should definitely stay away from oh lets see Cherry Street near the police station downtown,parts of Truman road,Troost,Prospect is really,really bad stay away after dark!

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    It looks like most people have given good advice. However, although the Plaza has upscale restaurants and shops, they probably have a higher crime rate as far as rapes and purse snatching goes.

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