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What is the best site for cheap airfare. I'm planning a trip to Portugal in the 1st week of October.?

Is it cheaper to fly out of Newark, NJ or JFK. Is it cheaper to fly into Porto or Lisbon. There are so many sites that I'm confused. We would really like to fly into Lisbon and out of Porto. I'm also wondering if I should just get the help of a travel agent. Please any help would be great.

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    To-day EWR is best but for October is JFK.

    To-day is EWR to LISBON via Continental DIRECT.

    For October, is LFK to LISBON via Madrid with IBERIA.

    That may-be good news, as it probably allows you to stay a couple of day in Spain, on your way in or out.

    Below best trip (cheap)

    Leave – Wed 3 Oct 2007

    This flight leaves and arrives on different dates.


    Flight 6250 Departs: 6:00p

    John F Kennedy Intl (JFK) Arrives: 7:10a

    Barajas (MAD)

    Coach | Airbus Industrie A340 | 7h 10m

    [ Layover in Madrid, Spain (MAD) for 4h 45m ]


    Flight 3110 Departs: 11:55a

    Barajas (MAD) Arrives: 12:10p

    Lisboa (LIS)

    Coach | McDonnell Douglas MD-88 | 1h 15m

    Return – Wed 10 Oct 2007


    Flight 3111 Departs: 10:20a

    Lisboa (LIS) Arrives: 12:30p

    Barajas (MAD)

    Coach | McDonnell Douglas MD-88 | 1h 10m

    [ Layover in Madrid, Spain (MAD) for 1h 05m ]


    Flight 6251 Departs: 1:35p

    Barajas (MAD) Arrives: 3:45p

    John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)

    Coach | Airbus Industrie A340 | 8h 10m

    Airfare Taxes & Fees Total Cost

    CheapTickets $510.00 $96.00 $606.00 Buy

    Orbitz $510.00 $100.00 $610.00 Buy

    DIRECT with TAP (Air Portugal)

    Sun 30 Sep 2007 to Thu 11 Oct 2007



    select EWR > LIS

    LIS > EWR TAP - Air Portugal 6:15p

    11:45a 6:05a

    2:35p 0 (6h 50m)

    0 (7h 50m)

    flytap: $661

    To Faro via USAirway, either from Philadelphia or EWR with one stop at USD671.00

    TAP is USD691 via Lisbon. Then here you can do the:

    IN-Lisbon, out-Faro itinerary, as follows:

    For USD804

    EWR > LIS 6:15a 6:05a

    LIS > FAO 9:50 10:35

    FAO > EWR 10:35a 2:35p

    Air Portugal

    (6h 50m)

    (0h 45m)

    (13h 20m)

    Remember to check:

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    A travel agent would be very helpful. They have the connections for whole sale travel. We saved hundreds of dollars when we went to Italy by using our travel agent.

    To get an idea of prices, here is a good site for research

    I have found once I find a flight I like and all the connections, if I go to that airlines website, sometimes it's cheaper than the internet site.

    Good Luck and safe flight


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    My husband booked his last trip through Yahoo Travel. He said that you get all the fares from all the other companies there. He really got a good deal. Sorry don't know anything about Portugal, but I bet Newark or JFK would be the cheapest because they have the most frequent flights.

    Good luck and have fun!

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    Here are some good sites:,

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