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Anyone know of PLR article sites where one can select specific articles and buy only those articles?

I have several sites that need articles but cannot afford to pay someone to write them and don't have the time to do it myself. I've found only two or three sites where I can buy PLR article packs, but the quantity is small and there is a limited selection of topics.

I need 25 - 50 new PLR articles per topic. None I have seen have that many except membership sites but they have other topics that I don't really want along with maybe the one or two keyword topics I am interested in.

The articles must be good quality and excellent English. That seems to rule out most of the PLR membership sites that I have found or seen the quality they offer.

I know I can get 1000's of PLR articles from ebay and some forum members, but again the quality of those I have seen is not good and many I would be ashamed of to put on any site I own. A main requirement is excellent English, an informative article, and a reasonable price with hopefully 20+ articles like health, boats, golf, cars, travel, etc..

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    Hello friend you need 25 to 50 articles par topic but no one give you free articles portfolio. But I have batter suggestion for you go and forums. There are lots of lots of people sell articles portfolio in 3$ or 4$. Buy them and put on you site.

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