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car crash cost?

i was wondering how much an average car crash and how much a worst case senerio would cost. I would prefer if you would split the costs up like car damages, medical injury...and other costs. Thank you.


car cost is 10k and its a 98 toyota corolla and its for basic liability.

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    Worst case senerio on a car crash is a total loss to the car, it depends on the car what that would actually cost (brand new Rolls? 10 yr old Hyundai?). Worst case on the injury would be multiple deaths - which could cost in the millions. It also depends on who is injured or dies - (unfortunately this is how it works), whether a young father that has a big Wall Street job or an older retired person with no family. Without further details this is the best I can guess for costs.

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    If the vehicle is definitely an entire loss (meaning, it is going to cost greater to repair than it is nicely worth) then you definately are purely entitled to the marketplace cost of the vehicle only before the loss. you may not anticipate all and sundry to pay you greater for a motor vehicle than you may have offered it for.

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