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Sunworm asked in TravelAsia PacificChina · 1 decade ago

Is China the most polluted country with all 1.3 bill people?



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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes, it is! But other than the cities, if you go to the mountains you could have real real real fresh air! China is a big country (the 3rd biggest in the world and it is slightly bigger than USA)! Check it on the map!

    Below are some photos which show you how beautiful the mountain areas in China, where no tall buildings no pullution!

    Below are some datas about the ranking of "Environment performance index" of each countries in the world 2005-6.

    EPI -Score ranges from 0-100 based on 6 policy categories: enviromental health; air quality; water resources; biodiversity and habitat; productive natural resources; sustainable energy.

    The Top 10 highest Scorers

    1) New Zealand 88.0

    2) Sweden 87.8

    3) Finland 87.0

    4) Czech Republic 86.0

    5) United Kingdom 85.6

    6) Austria 84.2

    7) Denmark 84.0

    8) Canada 83.3

    9) Ireland 83.3

    10) Malaysia 82.9

    The 10 Lowest Scorers

    1) Niger 25.7

    2) Chad 30.5

    3) Mauuritania 32.0

    4) Mali 33.9

    5) Ethiopia 36.7

    6) Angola 39.3

    7) Pakistan 41.1

    8) Burkina Faso 43.2

    9) Bangladesh 43.5

    10) Sudan 44.0

    Ok.. the rank of USA, may want to know.. right? and the rank of China, some may want to know about India or Taiwan too??? Here are the Answers!

    Japan is No. 14 in the highest chart (81.9)

    Taiwan is No. 24 in highest chart (79.1)

    USA is No. 28 in highest chart (78.5)

    India is No. 16 in the lowest chart (47.7)

    China is No. 40 in the lowest chart (56.2)

    Each Chart ends at 40.

    Which Country has the biggest forest in Hectares, M? The top 10 are:

    1) Russia 808.8

    2) Brazil 477.7

    3) Canada 310.1

    4) USA 303.1

    5) China 197.3

    6) Australia 163.7

    7) Congo-Kinshasa 133.6

    8) Indonesia 88.5

    9) Peru 68.7

    10) India 67.7

    Which country lost their forested land most (average annual change 2000-05, hactares '000) Top 10 are:

    1) Brazil -3,103

    2) Indonesia -1,871

    3) Sudan -589

    4) Myanmar -456

    5) Zambia -445

    6) Tanzania -412

    7) Nigeria -410

    8) Congo -319

    9) Zimbabwe -313

    10) Venezuela -288

    Which country gained in forested land most (average annual change 2000-05, hectares '000) Top 10 are:

    1) China 4,058

    2) Spain 296

    3) Vietnam 241

    4) USA 159

    5) Italy 106

    6) Chile 57

    7) Cuba 56

    8) Bulgaria 50

    9 France 41

    10) Portugal 40

    Don't you think these are interesting datas??????

    The most polluted country has planted more than 4m hectares of forest since 2000, while Brazil has cut down over 3.1m hectares!

    Those are overall area of the country, when we talk about the urban cities. China is the 6th worst in Air Quality scores (ranging from 0-100 based on particulate concentration in urban areas and regional ozone levels) The worst ten are.

    1) Bangladesh 6.9

    2) Pakistan 8.2

    3) Albania 14.4

    4) Egypt 14.8

    5) Mali 21.2

    6) China 22.3

    7) Niger 22.9

    8) Chad 24.4

    9) Sudan 24.9

    10) Indonesia 25.1

    The highest scorers are

    1) Uganda 98.0

    2) Gabon 96.1

    3) Rwanda 91.1

    4) Burundi 90.9

    5) Ghana 87.3

    6) Kenya 87.0

    7) Liberia 86.5

    8) Tanzania 86.2

    9) New Zealand 83.7

    10) Congo-Kinshasa 82.3

    Togo 82.3

    Anyhow.. the figures show the urban areas of these countries are not polluted! But.. do we consider those small towns are urban areas when compare with Shanghai?

    OK.. here is the last Chart that I want to share with you!

    The highest concentration of ozone (The top 20s are)

    Parts per billion

    1) Belize 64.5

    2) Guatemala 64.4

    3) Mexico 64.2

    4) China 63.4

    5) Mongolia 60.9

    6) Australia 60.6

    7) Bhutan 58.9

    8) Nepal 58.6

    9) USA 57.5

    10) Afghanistan 57.3

    11) Iran 55.1

    12) Turkmenistan 55.0

    13) Honduras 54.8

    14) Bahamas 54.2

    15) El Salvador 53.9

    16) Haiti 53.4

    17) Cuba 52.8

    Dominican Republic 52.8

    Myanmar 52.8

    China is no. 4 and USA is no. 9!

    When we want to prove a statement we put here is true, we need some supporting datas for references!!!!!!!

    Source(s): The Economist Pocket World in Figures - 2007 Edition Published by Profile Books Ltd, London
  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think it is; China recently converted from communism to democracy and right now they are in the middle of an economical boom. The average joe ride bikes and use public transportation. I'm sure more peeps are starting to drive cars and the vehicle polluting tsandards are probably being put into effect, but I wouldn't say that it's the most polluted country due the number of people.

    On the other hand, I believe that Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Tokyo and Los Angeles all combined have probably about 30% of the world pollution... have you ever flown into these cities, when the plane is going down and you're going through minutes of thick layers of brown smog/pollution before you get to see actual buildings!! It's mad crazy!

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    CO2 isn't pollutants anymore than oxygen or water. it is definitely had to existence and all your organic and organic molecules began out as CO2. ninety 5% of the greenhouse warming is from water so why do no longer human beings call water pollutants. the quantity given off by employing human beings is so small in comparison to different sources which you will by no ability additionally be waiting to certainly degree the exchange in spite of in case you have been down wind of a coal fueled potential station. confident, it is right this moment dispersed so any tiny result from CO2 can not be while the gasoline is released yet what accumulates over many years. Even then, the quantity of warming is at maximum below a level. Ice melts we are in a heat era. the climate varies from twelve months to a minimum of twelve months. in case you get a jet flow in a definite configuration, you could have severe tension platforms park over a close-by for months. as properly places like China that apparently have little regard the place they unload their poisons, maximum places are very sparkling and you do not have many animals being poisoned.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I wouldn't say it's the most polluted country in the world but it's certainly not very clean air that we are breathing. Shanghai is one of the most polluted cities in China. I have to cover my mouth whenever I go out due to the dust and car fumes.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    China is one of the worse in the world, "The Top 10 most polluted places for 2006, in alphabetical order by country: Linfen, China, where residents say they literally choke on coal dust in the evenings, exemplifies many Chinese cities; " but Russia has three spots in the top ten of the worst polluted areas in the world but out of the top 20 worst cities 16 of them are in China, "A total of 16 out of the top 20 most polluted cities are in China. #1 on the list is Linfen City in Shanxi Province, China. "The whole city smells and is covered in smoke."

    living in China for 10 yrs.

  • 1 decade ago

    it is so polluted china

  • 1 decade ago

    Polluted or populated?

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