Please write a code in c++?

Write a C/C++ program which contain four user define functions mul(), readmat1(), readmat2(),and Display()

readmat1 () function read first matrix (array) from user readmat2 () read second matrix (array) from user

Display() function display these two matrices and mul() multiply the two matrices (arrays) and display the

Resultant Matrix (array).

Write main function and call all these function in it.

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    Pls check out this link for the complete program and logic

    Hope this helps to you..!!!


  • 4 years ago

    i'm going to assum which you have a terminal window, or you're sitting in front of a linux computing device. once you have logged in you will the two be dealing with a terminal window or a pc. in case you spot a pc locate a thank you to start a terminal. interior the terminal you're able to be able to desire to apply a text textile editor. for some years human beings have argued that's greater useful vi or emacs, yet now there are others. interior the terminal on the command line form "vi helloworld.cpp" or "emacs helloworld.cpp" or "xemacs helloworld.cpp" or "vim helloworld.cpp" or "gedit hellowrold.cpp" or "nano helloworld.cpp". All of those are occasion of text textile editor in unix. Gedit is like living house windows notepad, and there are menus to maintain records. In vi and vim it is not as obvious, it is the only that i exploit the main on the grounds which you do not could desire to waste time touching your mouse. Whe vi starts you will see a sparkling show screen press i to be in interactive mode. form your code, and hist esc : w q this escapes you from interactive mode, and then writes and fairly vi or vim. In xemacs and emacs you should use the mouse like notepad. In nano the instructions are on the bottome of the show screen. i desire this facilitates.

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