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How can Alberto Gonzales keep his job?

I don't think he has even that much support from conservative Republicans either. Gonzales has 3 problems, lying, incompetance and bad blood with Republican legislators.

Bush is truely going to hate being forced to fire him. Maybe the biggest problem is incompetance. - but we are going into an election cycle and he is just one more liability for Republicans. I wonder if this will play out the same way Rumsfeld's firing did.


Pimp: Its almost funny, but honestly if I said " I don't recall " 71 times, I would not be able to keep a straight face. Is THIS whom you want for a US AG?

Update 2:

Mr Big: This has nothing to do with ethnicity. It has everything to do with performance. He's incompetant.

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    Bush has placed personal loyalty in front of loyalty to the country. By keeping Gonzales as the "Chief Lawyer" of this nation, anything that is generated as a case from Justice will be looked at with a jaundiced eye. The stench from the Justice Dept is awful and he should never have lied about anything at all no matter how insignificant it appeared. This is what started the snowball effect.

    It will probably play out the same way the "Good job Brownie" and " Rumsfeld still has my support" and then along come the resignation

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    Is he - doubtful. The right capitulates to the left on these things all the time look at Trent Lott, and even Foley might have been a scum bucket but didn't commit any crimes. I don't know that Foley had to resign he just did.

    Things is Gonzo gets no support from Bushdaddy. GW needs to stand up for him and take proper responsibility for the firings - all of which he has a right to do at will. Gonzo has no support among conservatives because - for one - william jefferson 100k in the freezer congressman remains unindicted. Why is that?

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    God all you retarded republicans. First, the subject is Gonzalez, below oath, reported the replacements weren't political, then e-mails floor suggesting they have been. it is perjury retards, you recognize, that factor you impeached Clinton over and now pretend isn't a real crime. 2d, no one seems to nicely known how a provision have been given slipped into the Patriot Act that enables the lawyer everyday to nominate an enduring temporary US lawyer. This has allowed Bush to dodge Senate confirmation of his replacements. this could be a violation of the separation of powers and what has the republicans mad too because of the fact traditionally the president will ask a Senator of his social gathering from the state the place the lawyer will pass to grant him some names. Bush did no longer do it so ego's are harm. finally Reno fired all ninety in 1992, while Clinton took place of work, it incredibly is trouble-free for 70-a hundred% of all US attorneys to be fired on the begining of a sparkling presidents term and then subject the hot one to Senate confirmation. Bush fired the final public of them in 2000. those 8 have been fired mid-term. Congress ordered a learn of such midterm replacements from 1981-2005 and that they got here up with a variety and as quickly as you eradicated ones who have been promoted or desperate to run for political place of work you have been left with 3: One bit a stripper and replaced into compelled to resign, one choked a reporter and replaced into compelled to resign and no one chanced on any information with regard to the 0.33. the different difference between those 3, all of their replacements have been authorized via the Senate.

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    Nah, you'd have to murder someone to get fired from the Bush administration, and even then it'd be like pulling a tooth.

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    Maybe Bush can nominate him to replace Wolfowitz. That way he can kill two birds with one stone.

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    he is just typical of Bush guys. Not any worse than Scooter Libby.

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    Unfortunately for Mr. Gonzales, his skin color dictates that he can't phuck up that bad and still keep his job.

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    BIG F****** DEAL!

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