Temporary car auto insurance in California?

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I thought of using my friend's car for a month and half since he will be out of station. I was wondering what would it take or rather how to address the insurance issue. Is it possible to get a temporary insurance for a month or is it possible to add my name on to his insurance for a short term? Either ways, how much would it cost ! Also would be great if you guys can enlighten me on some of the providers here.

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  • Zarnev
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    1 decade ago
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    You cannot get a temporary insurance policy. You can be added to your friends insurance as an additional driver. The insurance companies don't do it short term but will take you off when you don't need it anymore. The cost will depend upon your driving record, age, the limits of the current policy and the company.

    You may not have to do anything. If you have car insurance of your own you can call your agent to see if you are covered driving any car. Also, your friend can call his agent to see if he is covered if he allows someone else to drive his car. Most decent policies will cover you driving any car and will cover any driver driving your car with permission. Farmers, State Farm and Allstate have these type of policies, however, cave men policies don't work this way.

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