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will you be free tonight?

why not:

will you free tonight?


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    be 其實=is, am, are (視乎subject/主位/主角是什么),

    過去式便變成was, were

    完成式變成has been, have been,

    將來式變成will be, shall be

    當然也有進行式 being了

    (還有很多"式"的, 起碼要到高中才會學到, 看你的問題, 先弄清以



    1) be + noun

    e.g. I am Peter.

    This is a book.

    We are students.

    2) be + adj

    e.g. I am fat.(現在這些日子)

    She was fat when she was in primary school. (現在己經不胖了)

    Mary has been fat for 25 years.(25年前是胖子, 直至現在仍是胖子)

    3)be+ verb(ing/present participle/現在分詞)(表示進行式)

    e.g. I am singing now.

    I was watching TV last night at 8 o'clock.(昨晚8時我正在看電視)

    I will be watching TV tomorrow night at 8 o'clock.(預計明晚8時


    4)be+verb(past participle/過去分詞)(表示被動式)

    e.g. The apple was eaten by John yesterday.(主角是個蘋果)

    a)The apple is now being eaten by John now.(本來是 be eaten,

    但進行式是要 be + verbing 所以變成 is being eaten )另外一個


    b) The naughty students are being punished by their teacher now.

    (因為是students , 不用 is 而用 are ,請參考本答案第一句)

    The project will be finished next Monday. (將來式)

    The project has been finished for 3 hours. (完成式)

    (這是英文跟中文的一大不同之處, 英文要將[重點/主角/subject]放在

    句子最頭的, 只要看看英文的問句就明白我的意思)

    例如:你在吃什么?但英文就要這樣問: What are you eating?

    ([什么]才是問題的重點, 而不是[你])

    而你的問題是因為[free] 是[形容詞/ adjective] , 即要用[be] 的用途 (2)

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    No,it isn't.

    It is because every sentence should have a verb,

    but this sentence"will you free tonight" doesn't have any verbs,

    since "will" is just an auxiliary verb, that means it isn't a real verb.

    Hence, "be" is a verb in this sentence.

    And the sentence should be "will you be free tonight?"


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    This is the rule of grammar.

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