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what is PF usage in task manager ?

when i press Alt + ctrl + delete , a task manager come out .....

In the performance tab , there is CPU usage and PF history ... what is PF usage ? is that PF have any function in my pc ?

Also , what is the difference between the CPU usage and PF usage ? is that PF usage means RAM usage ???

ANY pro or expert pls answer me ....tq ...

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    PF Stands for page file. In windows XP, the page file is pagefile.sys. Windows allows you to set the size and location of the page file.

    CPU Stands for Central Processing Unit, it's known to be the 'brains' of the computer.

    When your RAM becomes full, Windows uses the Page File to simulate RAM on your hard drive.

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    This is quite normal. It is only the data left from ram paging. It does not affect performance. The only problem would be if some software was using up ALL your ram continuously.

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