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Tips for life in East Nepal??

What's the best thing to wear for a woman in Nepal and other life and culture tips. I'd like to hear anything you have to say. Thanks!

(I'll be staying there long term and have never been out of the States. I've read the books. Now I want to hear from someone who's lived there.)

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    East Nepal...humm it is comparatively more developed than other region. In terain (plain) region of East Nepal, people (mostly students) speak English. As for dressing? Many people there wear shirt and pants as i suggest you take those type of dress...not showing much body parts. As you live there, i am sure you will try some Neplease dressing style.

    Cultures...words are limited to describe it :) You will enjoyyy it.

    If you have any question, feel free to contact me rudrak5ha at yahoo dot com.

    P.S. Next time when you have quires about Nepal please put questions in Travel- Aisa Pacific- Nepal section. You will receive more answers from Neplease and tourists :)

    Source(s): << official tourism website. I recommend destination website. I am Nepali traveled from East to West of Nepal.
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    Been to Nepal two times, 1st time in 1992 final time Oct 2006. i'm not sure approximately your history, yet while your a North American ordinary individual, you will require very much of private fortitude. it incredibly is a eye-catching usa with an edgy political gadget. Flexibility and your capacity to settle for non-North American sanitary standards is a could. The worst place is Kathmandu. Anapurna, the river rafting and Tiger Tops are a could see.

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