Katie Price Peter Andre?

I need to know whats up and where to find tons of info on them.I just saw the e special and i like her.so the kid isnt peters but she just had a baby that is his?is that right and the kid is blind?

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    Katie Price is a topless model who is better known as "Jordan", her constantly increasing boob size made her very popular. She statrted off posing for page 3 in the sun (the most popular paper in the UK- you can see her gallery here: http://www.page3.com/shop/genericshop/gallery/girl... ) and then tried her hand at TV presenting, while posing for magaines such as loaded on the side, so to speak (See more Loaded style images here: http://www.sexydesktop.co.uk/jordan.htm ). She also ran for electio during the 2001 UK parlimentry elections. Her child, the blind one, came after a relationship with the popular footballer Dwight Yorke, who played for Manchester United at the time, and dumped her shortly into her pregnancy.

    Peter Andre is an ozzie singer who is best known for his song "mysterous girl" and his stint on "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here", where he kept on trying to score katie.

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    Harvey,katies older son, is not peters.He's not blind,he's partially sighted and has other disabilities.Their younger son junior IS peters and they're also having another baby.the sex is not known.

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    Yeah her older kid is blind and the cute baby is his..

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    Go to www.imdb.com (Internet Movie Database). You can find pretty much any celeb on there, and all of their information.

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