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Honolulu, Hawaii Denver,Colorado,Providence,Rhode Island Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania which is better to live in?

Please tell me which one you think is better to live in. Inculde any extra imformation you can about these places also to please. My heart is really set in between Pittsburgh, Honolulu, and Providence. But I am worried about hurricanes happening in Honolulu. I just would like to see what other people think is the best place to live. (Also are prices higher in Hawaii then they would be in the rest of the U.S.?)

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    I live in Pittsburgh and it is wonderful. It is not expensive to leave here and we have the best weather because we have snow in the winter beautiful falls warm springs and hot summers. We have the best of everything. Our sports are good, we have the Penguins and the Steelers. The Pirates are okay but we have beautiful PNC park. We have the three rivers and tons of bridges. We have awesome places to eat too. Good colleges and high schools. I could just go on and on. Pittsburgh is definitely on the rise to becoming one of the top cities in the nation again. Come here!

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    It all depends on what you are looking for. I live in Hawaii and I can tell you it is paradise! The people here are so nice and the diversity of races/ethnicities provides for a unique experience; especially pertaining to the many different types of food (i.e. Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiian, Spanish, etc.) I lived in various parts of the mainland before, and Hawaii is by far the most amazing experience. It truly seems like everyday your on vacation! Most parts of the mainland (including Pittsburgh) are fast paced and burdened with the annoying problems of a big city (including high crime rates). Additionally, other parts of the mainland including Denver and Providence lack the unique, tolerant, and laid-back way of life that you would find in Hawaii. As a final note, in my experience, Hawaii is the only place in the U.S. where the water that comes out your faucet tastes just like bottled water. It is absolutely amazing!

    Additional Information:

    -We have the lowest unemployment rate in the entire U.S.

    -We haven't had a hurricane sine 1992 (Hurricane Iniki).

    -We have one of the lowest murder rates and crime rates in the entire U.S.

    -We have four of the top ten U.S. beaches

    -Our cost of living is higher than the average state but definetly not as high as California or New York.

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    Prices are very high in Honolulu but it is like living in paradise. The quality of life in Pittsburgh is very good. It's a big city with a small town feeling. The winters are very cold there and even colder in Providence.

    If you like Hawaii, consider Oahu. The prices are lower because it's not as developed.

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    Yes Honolulu/Waikiki is a wonderful place for a honeymoon!! The hotels give great deals to honeymooners, there is so much to do and the main areas are very safe day/night. I can't see honeymooners really wandering off into dark places or alleys at night anyway =) If you'd like some prices on what you can expect to pay let me know, I'm a travel agent, and I LOVE Hawaii!

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    The prices on everything is really low. The have the best hospitals and health care facilities. PA and NY are sourned by hills so it is impossible to get a hurricance here. It is very very rare (like everyone 50 years) that there is a tornado.

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    It all depends on what you want to do in life. Things to remember when deciding:

    1.Family (Do you love your family, why move far away from them)

    2. Jobs (Jobs common in pittsburgh might not be in other places)

    3. Recreation (do you surf, or do you like to root for black and gold with friends in the parking lot)

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    Well I must admit that I am more partial to Hawaii because I am from there. Beautiful people, scenery, and lots of different cultures. If you aren't used to the "island" life then I suggest you stay put on the mainland.

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    some of the friendliest folks i've ever met come from Providence, Rhode Island, so go there. I believe it is way more affordable and lots more opportunity there than in Hawai'i.

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