What Is An Expert?

What is an expert?

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    Ah! Not a bad first answer!

    However one has to consider the line of Expertise. For example, once upon a time, Hangmen were needed !

    So I presume it would have been worth your while to spend the last moments of your Life in the Hands of an Expert !

    Sometimes, we end up in the Hands of different lines of Expertise, School of Thoughts, Policies, and the list goes on.

    My line of topical answering and questioning recently, has led me to an act of conscience by indicating to our Community the following:

    - in the Hands of "Experts", as data shows, First-Time Birthing Mothers need not have episiotomies, and tearing CAN be prevented. Of course, these results are achieved through learnt & practiced methods. Ina May Gaskin is an Expert in that Field. She is not a Millionaire like the others "Experts" because she uses her Hands and other Female Secrets, ( not at liberty to reveal here) and her expertise ensures that a Woman's Femalehood is left preserved with an intact perineum by all means, but here the means are her 'handling' methods. At least this is one of the Goals of her Expertise.

    Despite the ASTOUNDING results and SUCCESS of the THOUSANDS Births recorded for the last 30 years - and wait for it: 95% of Women birth naturally and forceps used in 0,5%...she is an Expert most Women don't know about. She is an American THE WORLD NEEDS, but ...did you even know her name ? Did you even know these things were possible ? Or did you believe in Birthing the 1st time, there has to be a cut otherwise there will be a tear ? That's not true. NOT TRUE. Only true and exclusively so in other "Experts" instrumental hands.

    So morale of the story, we don't want to believe there are People who are genuine and who have a sense of true knowledge in their chosen field. We should note that we may not have the discerning tools to evaluate the Expert's knowledge. Belief is not necessarily enough in attaining True Knowledge. People are ignorant of many things, especially in issues such as Birthing techniques.That is why Ina May is not taken seriously enough even though she produces results and not complications. Cutting and stitching a Woman's Genitalia as a means of enabling Birth is not necessary in her expert view. Yet, It is being sanctioned by other Experts, I think, because once the 'horrid' deed is done, it ensures that many possible and future complications pertaining to the next Births ( since the whole thing takes place again often !) may occur. Women's Births are always blamed for any problems that occurs down the line. As such, many Women, will be seeing their Experts for a long time...And the friends of the Experts also.

    So WHO can check and balance this ? Even the Medical Institutions Experts have asked for the practice of episiotomies to be reduced, but WHO can enforce it ?

    Doesn't it matter anymore to do things well - to do things right ? I thought we know better ? I am not an expert, but I would like it if we could ask the Medical Profession at least to invite Ina May Gaskin formally in the Halls of Science - or the Farm, where she lives - and that we MAY all view the occasion because, frankly, when you consider the numbers only one Expert can be right - that's for sure. Women are part of this planet; their present 'problems' are not real.

    There ain't ONE hospital in America that comes anywhere close to these figures. Numbers in Countries like Holland back Ina May's numbers.

    In this case, I wish we had experts on whom to rely.

    Ina May Gaskin has published. One would expect that from an Expert, one has to be able to prove empirically one knows one's subject. An Expert should always welcome another Expert because a real Expert wants to know everything there is to know about the for&against - even if it proves the Expert's wrong. For some, it would be a matter of Honor to know if you are leading People in error: for there will always be the Question of Ethics in any field of Expertise. A promise is neither a sign of Ethics nor expertise.

    How an Expert demarcates herself from other very competent people in her profession is within the realm of innovation. You will find Leonardo de Vinci's innovations interesting in their originality. Ina May has a Birthing technique Maneuver, named after her - The Gaskin Maneuver - it is used when you want to help a Baby who needs a little direction !

    An Expert is a 'special' person - an erudite is in another category. Rabelais was an erudite: he had expertise in many disciplines, Medecine and language among others. Ina May has another discipline to add to her field of expertise of Midwifery skills: she has studied Literature and the Humanities. Women, you see, need a good dose of words at unique events, such as Birthing - Women have always being cognitively very intelligent. They need reassuring words and images. You know, often Women like to write out their own marriage vows.

    By the way, with any Expert, stick to the numbers & methods, not what you hear; however always question the bases and outcomes of an Expert's expertise - remember that's all that most People will come to know and understand. Thank you.

    Of course, if that meeting never takes place while we are answering questions which get lost, then I don't need to ask anyone that we are perhaps starting to live under a Tyranny ? Well, I am asking a simple mathematical question. Maybe, you know some "important" People you can tell.

    I am tired of telling this: it makes us look stupid.

    Experts rule over many things: Politics, Fashion, Medecine, Birth... even Death. (Yahoo, how many Heads have you got?)

    Maybe, since we are not experts, the real ones should be made known to us. We are not stupid enough, if there's a certain possiblity of Not getting cut, to ignore listening to both Experts' s sides.

    So, if the meeting takes place, "Unknown", you will get the answer to your Question - the example of one.

    If it doesn't...well as they say in your language:

    "You can kiss your *** GoodBye!"

    Edit: the bad mark(s) to answers are often interpretations of "expertise".(LAUGHTER)

    You may be surprised how a true Expert can remain a very modest and sensible Person. An 'Expert' in this case, is a truly special person indeed. I would presume from what I have read, seen and experienced, as I have never had the pleasure of meeting the outstanding Ina May Gaskin that she is indeed a most noteworthy American - never seen her on TV,

    anywhere unfortunately. That's the choice of other "Experts" ?

    Let's hope, maybe, you get another 'Good' answer as to an example of an 'Expert' - in-voting, in my view, would leave your "bummikin" in the "Unknown" balance...

    Source(s): Ina May Gaskin - Ina May's Guide to Childbirth.
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  • 1 decade ago

    An expert is someone who knows so much more than others about a particular topic that they know just how little they themselves know.

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  • 5 years ago

    A former drip under pressure.

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  • 1 decade ago

    someone who is very experienced and knowledgeable in an area.

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    6 years ago

    very confusing matter. research at yahoo or google. that will help!

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