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What kind of kiss would u give a friend?

if ur a boy and u kinda have a crush on ur friend(girl), what if you went up to her and kissed her? but my q is what kind of kiss should i give her? and explain...what if i ask her "how many times have u kissed b4" and like "how many times was that frenched kiss"? yay or nay to those questions?

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    i dont think u should ask her bout her kiss n than kiss her.

    from a girls prospective, i would feel akward talkin bout my kiss.

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    i'm confused. you want to ask her something like that, then kiss her? does it matter what her answer is, or are you just going to do it anyway? because i wouldn't recommend asking her that, kisses should come out of no where at that exact moment where you feel something that requires one.

    then again, that's my opinion, i would think it would be weird if a boy asked me that, then kissed me. but this girl could be turned on by it.

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    Thats sexual assult what you're thinking of. Tone it down. tell her you extremely like her and decide to kiss her. If she needs to kiss you back then she might provide you permission. If no longer you dont get thrown in penal complex a minimum of. cope with this lady with understand noticeably in case you extremely like her. provide her the possibility to think of roughly how she feels approximately you in the previous you pass assulting her. Who is acquainted with she might have merely been waiting so which you will kiss her.

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    Yeah, kisses should just be spontaneous. Don't ask any questions. You care about this girl, not the guys she's kissed, right.

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    a friend gave me a kiss one the lips but i would kiss her head.

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    uhhh. French...

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