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Shae S
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Shae S asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 1 decade ago

Rate my Fantasy Baseball Team and Advise?

12 team head to head, Rookie Manager, 6th pick

C: Brian McCann

1B: Nick Swisher

2B: Brian Roberts

3B: Kevin Youkilis

SS: Carlos Guillén

OF: Carl Crawford, Brad Hawpe, Gary Matthews Jr.

Util: Travis Hafner

BN: Kenny Lofton, Mark DeRosa

SP: Braden Looper, A.J. Burnett, Jake Peavy, Derek Lowe, Matt Cain

RP: David Weathers, Billy Wagner

P: Derrick Turnbow, Henry Owens, Chad Cordero

Am I doing ok? What possible moves could make my team stronger (Other than a 3Bman)?


Free Agent OF: Cliff Floyd, Coco Crisp, Chris Duffy, Craig Monroe, Shawn Green

Free Agent 3B: Hank Blalock, Brandon Inge, Edwin Encarnación, Rich Aurilia

Free Agent C: Ramón Hernández (If he gets healthy I could trade McCann?)

Update 2:

Free Agent 1B: Adam LaRoche, Ryan Shealy (allowing Swisher to play OF)

Update 3:

Update after some moves:

C:Brian McCann

1B: Adam LaRoche

2B: Brian Roberts

3B: Hank Blalock

SS: Carlos Guillén

OF: Carl Crawford, Nick Swisher, Craig Monroe

Util: Travis Hafner

BN: Rich Aurilia, Gary Matthews Jr.(Pending for Ramón Hernández until April 23, I am #2 on Waivers)

Pitching: Unchanged

Update 4:

Jason Schmidt is a free agent. Possible pickup?

Update 5:

Other starting pitchers avaliable: Jeff Suppan, Tim Wakefield, Jason Marquis, Kevin Millwood

And Relievers: Joel Zumaya

Possible moves in here?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    drop youklis and pick up blalcok. definetly pick up hernandez. Most people don't have a good catcher and you can use him as trade bait for a pitcher. Drop Lofton, and pick up Monroe. Monroe offers much better stats, is younger, won't platoon unlike Lofton and plays for detroit. drop DeRosa and add Aurilia. Aurilia has better average, RBI and qualifies at first which DeRosa does not. Find some way to get LaRoche. I know he's doing horrible, but he will heat up and be a great steal for you. Starting pitching a little weak and so are regular pitchers. you need one more good starter and outfielder. Overall 6.5/10, I predict 5th or 6th place in your league. (this means you'll make the playoffs which isn't bad for a rookie manager.)

  • 1 decade ago

    You have pretty good hitting for a 12 h2h team, but brad hawpe and kenny lofton don't seem that great. However, your pitching staff needs some work (no top-quality throwers). Maybe try to trade for some better hurlers. I'd give your team a 6.5 out of 10, and you might end up somewhere above the middle.

  • 5 years ago

    once you're making up a stupid question you sould attempt to undergo in ideas that some individuals that are smarter than you will study it. there isn't any way which you would be able to desire to draft Utley, A-Rod, Reyes, and Howard, all 1st around options. then you definately upload Oswalt and Peavy, a pair of 2d and third rounders. Why do not you basically flow decrease back and attempt to create a greater life like team and ask the question returned.

  • 1 decade ago

    other than 3rd base try to work on the outfield its a little weak. other than that maybe some minor pitching work i say 7.2 its a 5 or 6 place team

  • 1 decade ago

    Pick up Yadier Molina at catcher. He is going to have an outstanding year.

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