Pixilated-like graphics and images on new PC?

Got new PC about a week ago. Ever since I've had it all of the graphics and images appear 'pixilated' and blurry. Like theres something wrong with the Display Driver or something.

I'd like some help as how to fix this - it really makes the PC experience, especially the internet, pretty lame.

*** Please do NOT reply with 'take it back' or anything like that. I cannot take it back, the online supplier dropped my warranty beacuse I took the case off to install a modem. ***

PC info:

Windows XP Home Edition S P 2

2.00 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core

BIOS: Phoenix Technologies LTD 6.00 PG

161.00 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space


Hitachi HDS721616PLA380 Hard drive (164.69 GB)

ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series Display adapter

HP mx705 Monitor 15.7

Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller

Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller 2x

ATI Desktop Component Ver

ATI External Event Utility for WindowsNT, Windows9X Version 5.13.0024


I've tried changing the refresh rate, the DPI, and updating the driver. Still no change. Still got blurry pics.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    there's a few things you can check out.

    first, right click a blank spot on your desktop>go to properties>go to settings. you can try to mess with the screen resolution and quality, but more than likely, if you click advanced, then choose the monitor tab, change the screen refresh rate... it'll give you a preview of what it will look like before you save the changes. if that doesn't help, then you can try updating the drivers for your monitor. start>control panel> system> device manager> find your monitor and update driver

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