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reading is important


reading is important 100words

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    Reading is important

    Web Posted - Thu Dec 14 2006

    By Allison Ramsay

    Imagine a society where Barbadian children could face the possibility of entering adulthood as functional illiterates!

    That thought was running through my mind as I was listening to information about the importance of reading at the relaunch of the Barbados Association of Reading last weekend.

    A passion for reading is necessary and I find that not enough of our children share that passion. There are too many activities, sadly, like the gameboys and other video games that take up too much of our childrens time.

    Television too is another culprit and many parents are guilty of putting their children in front of the television as an activity.

    I find that another problem for is reading and understanding. This leads to problems with comprehension, especially when they take the Common Entrance Examination, we find that this is an obstacle for them. Later in life, if this skill is not developed as it should, this could lead to analytical issues.

    Parents, I urge you to read to your children from in the womb, from the Bible to the Classics to West Indian stories, even pass on some stories that you heard as children.

    When they are older, read to them and all of this, I am sure, since Im not a psychologist or in any other similar profession, will help in their development.

    As the children develop, buy some books and let them read to you even though it might take a longer time for them to finish a word, a sentence or a page! But you must remember that you are helping with that. Not enough parents take that time to spend with their children and simple activities like that do wonders for a child.

    Toys are fine, but books are great! So, since it is the Christmas season, ensure that books are high on your list this Christmas. These in addition to interactive toys, games and puzzles are fun, but allow learning to take place at the same time. A balance of all things is ideal. Some authorities argue that children who read well do better in other subjects and in all aspects of schooling and beyond.

    Additionally, as the world becomes more complex and technologically advanced, reading becomes even more important for children to find their place in it.

    Reading is more essential today as it was in the past and it is crucial to our future. It is necessary to be an informed person in order to succeed in ones chosen career and for personal fulfilment.

    I was recently sitting in the school hall of the Seventh Day Adventist Primary and a chart caught my eye, it went: When we get ready to read we... " can hear and say the sounds that letters make " know letter names and shapes " can hear each sound in a word " can connect sounds to make words

    So, with all of the hustle and bustle this Christmas, make sure that you share the gift of a book and pass on that passion for learning to younger ones. Also, find a little time to read a good book over the holidays, after all, a good book can entertain, relax and always inform you about something you never knew.

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