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胤禎 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

英文翻譯 求職~拜託看看~很短[20點]

很榮幸能夠在這裡介紹自己,我的名字叫OOO,在求學過程中還算順利,五專畢業後,因考慮未來工作的發展,所以最後選擇OO技術學院,二技學校的規定下,有幸在專門製作汽車零件的公司工作了一年,利用繪圖軟體Solid Edge來繪製3D汽車零件,並協助工程師繪製工程圖。

退伍後進入一家製造印刷電路基板(PCB)之機器設備的公司,在裡頭擔任廠長的工程助理,利用Auto CAD來繪製出許多設備;除了外觀的繪製外,有時也是必須要畫出設備Layout圖,所以也學到不少設備流程概念。之後進入了一家電子公司,主要生產產品為Camera module,主要工作內容是依照不同產品的類型,專門設計能符合產品之測試治具或機構來達成產品測試,並利用設計,來縮短生產所需時間,增加產能。藉由這些工作機會,讓我接觸到許多不同的人、事、物,也學到了許多,而我也以最認真的態度來對我的職務盡責。

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    Being honored very much can introduce an oneself here, my name call OOO, during the period of attending school still calculate smoothly, 5-year junior college graduation after, will work in the future because of considering of development, so end choice the OO institute of technology, the provision of the 2-year technological program school under, be lucky at specialized manufacture the automobile spare parts of the company work for a year, making use of painting the software Solid Edge to design the 3 D automobile spare parts, and help an engineer to design engineering diagram.

    Retire from the army the company of the machinery equipment that the juniors goes into a manufacturing printing electricity roadbed plank(PCB), hold the post of the plant manager's engineering assistant in the inside, make use of the Auto CAD to design many equipments;The appearance designs, besides which, sometimes also is have to draw the equipment Layout diagram, so also learn to a few equipment process concepts.After entered one appliance subsidiary, mainly produce the product as the Camera module, main work content is according to different product of type, specialized design can match the test equipment or organization of the product to reach the product test, and make use of a design, shortens time that production needs, increment productivity.Let me come in contact with many different person, matter, things by these work chances, also learn to many, and I also come to the duty to me by the most earnest attitude responsible.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Very honoured to introduce oneself here, I am OOO, fairly smooth in the course of going to school, after No. five Special graduates , because consider the development that works in the future , chooses OO technological institute finally, under the regulations of two skill schools, the company having the honor to be making the automobile part specially has worked for one year, make use of mapping software Solid Edge to draw 3D automobile part, and help the engineer to draw the project picture.

    Enter a company of machinery equipment which makes the base plate of printed circuit (PCB ) after leaving the army, serve as the factory director's project assistant in the inside, make use of Auto CAD to draw out a lot of equipment; Besides drawing of the appearance , must too draw the equipment Layout picture sometimes , so learn much equipment procedure concepts . Later entered an electronics corporation, the main product was Camera module, the groundwork content was according to the type of different products, is it can accord with test of products is it have to cure or organizations reach product test to design specially, and is it design to utilize, is it is it produce necessary time to shorten to come, increase and can produce. With these working opportunities , let me touch a lot of different person , thing , thing, having learnt a lot of too, and I do one's duty to my post with the attitude most conscientiously


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