what is the minimun required bandwith or internet service for call terminating?

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    There are two components to leased-line access: The first is the transport service itself, which is provided by a phone company, either Pacbell or a competitive carrier (competitive carriers are usually only cost competitive if they either have fiber in the building or the circuit is long distance). In most cases, for circuits terminating in the immediate Bay Area, we order the circuit through a competitive carrier (CLEC) with our end of the T-1 on the CLEC's fiber network (even if you're not on their network, they will handle the Pacbell portion of the circuit); this generally saves considerably in monthly fees and a bit on installation costs. T-1 circuits are distance sensitive, and we can cover most of the Bay Area for between $150 and $300/mo. (in some cases it can be a fair bit more, in particular into GTE territory and the North Bay; please contact us for a quote. Fractional T-1 speeds are provided over a full T-1 line with "N" of the 24 64Kbps channels the T-1 line consists of enabled to provide the speed you select; we can increase your line speed on a few hours notice without the need to involve the telco.

    The second component of the T-1 Internet access is the fee paid to the Internet provider, in this case Raw Bandwidth, for use of the router port and for the bandwidth to the rest of the Internet. That cost is detailed below....

    In addition to the monthly service fees, you will also need to obtain a T-1 capable router. Raw Bandwidth can recommend several brands of low-cost routers that perform very well for between $800 and $2000, including the T-1 CSU/DSU! Also we will configure the router at your site at no additional charge (included in our service setup fee) if needed, to help make sure you get

    You have a great day.

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