Question for the guys!!!?

Met a guy last weekend from a personals thing.

We both agreed that we would be able to tell within the first 5 mins if we liked one another..he stated right off the bat that I exceeded his expectations. We enjoyed each others company all night laughing, drinking, great convo...not a dull moment.

This week we emailed a little on tuesday..him telling me he had a nice time ect. and discussed setting up another meeting.

We emailed again on wensday about this weekend him having his kids (which he menioned during the date).

We live 2 hours from each other and he mentioned he wished we didnt live so far apart..however for me its a non issue because I know the town he is from. He has not come right out and asked me on another date. I know it was just last weekend..but i think if he really liked me he would at least show it a little more.

I am not a insecure girl...but this guy really has my interest, big time.

Should I take a hint that maybe he's not interested?

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    Emailing is less personal than calling or talking on the phone. So see if both of you can talk on the phone and try to do the emailing thing less.

    If he's discussing meeting up with you again ... then he's still interested. He might feel that this could lead to alot of driving or commuting on his part. So that might be in the back of his mind.

    It's only been a week. He's working, dealing with his kids and possibly dealing with an ex-girlfriend or wife. So theres a chance he could be stressing his energy level.

    So IF there is a way for you to make it easier on him regarding both of you getting together ... let him know.

    It's OK to feel insecure. It's not ok to sit back and let many questions creep into your mind and wear you out. If you can get to the point where you say to yourself ... "oh, either he likes me or he doesn't" ... then you will at least be dealing with just the facts. And facts are solid enough to acquire peace of mind.

    The key point in what he said was, "he wished we didn't live so far apart". If he said "wishing" or "wished" ... then that's a good sign. Other than that, don't let it turn in your mind over and over again.

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    If he is a single father (with custody) he probably doesn't like the idea of having to spend so much time away from his children. Trying 2 hours each way to visit you is 4 hours plus whatever time you spend together.

    If he doesn't have custody of his children, that could also be a problem. Moving away can restrict his parental rights.

    If you aren't willing to relocate to closer, perhaps you should look elsewhere.

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