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In the state of Texas, what recourse does a parent have if their student has been hit unfairly?

This was not a corporal punishment incident. It was a teacher that stated that this is what he uses to get the students' attention. What is the reporting agency that can deal with teacher misconduct? In a small town, locals cover up for each other. Along with the steps of a process to follow, can a citizen have an outside agency to report to or seek help from—aside from obtaining a lawyer? Looking for all possible recourses to follow. It appears thus far, that the teacher, the teacher's immediate superior, the principal and on up have opted to sweep it under the rug. Please help. What transpired was absolute wrong!

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    In Georgia it is called the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. They oversee all districts and each superintendent is accountable to them.

    Check to see if Texas has a similar commission. It may be called something else. There is an agency that every school superintendent must answer to. It is that agency that you must write to. Make sure that you document names and dates of all convos with school. You can't just bypass your immediate chain of command or they will not even listen to your complaint. You should also contact a news station. Check and see if they have one of those "What's the deal?" type of human interests sections.

    Also, get a copy of the school handbook and go thoroughly over the discipline section of the book. Look for the violation. Go armed with this info when you speak with the principal etc...Take a witness with you. Take a tape recorder if necessary.

    Have in mind what recompense you actually want. Your best bet might be to demand that your child be placed in another class and if the principal bucks then tell him that you are concerned for your child's safety and that if they don't put her into another class you will be happy to file for a restraining order against that teacher and have a basis for a law suit against the school for child endangerment.

    Keep in mind that your child will be in this school and there may be backlash. Are you truly prepared? Your outrage is justified but the cost will be high. Have your child removed from that person's class. It will send a message.

    You must immediately file an assault report naming this teacher. If you don't do this in a timely fashion then the truth becomes watered down and you won't have credibility.

    Good Luck

    "ASSAULT" is when you are attacked but you don't fight back.

    "BATTERY" is when both parties engage in physical altercation ; but instigator will be the one most likely charged. The other can claim self defense.

    Source(s): It doesn't matter that the Principal tried to sweep it under the rug. You have to make a demand and be specific about what your recourse will be. Take a picture of the area of your child's body that was struck. File the report. Get a restraining order. These actions will help you with a law suit. Evidence is what you need. You have a right to make a report and sometimes small towns don't always practice the law so if necessary travel to the next largest town and make a report. Tell anyone and everyone your story until you get satisfaction. If you can afford legal help then u should get it but they will still try to mediate.
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    Go get an attorney NOW, and cease all communications with the school. Talk ONLY to your attorney about the incident. You can file a civil action for Battery on behalf of the minor. There may be statutes you can use to file under as well. Also, there may be a criminal charge in TX for this. Go see an attorney NOW.

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    Speak with the Ministry of Education on guidelines. If found that the teachers and all others are abusing their authorities, write a formal letter of complaint.

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    Battery is generally an actionable tort for which a civil suit can be filed and, if won, may include punitive damages. Seek legal counsel.

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    Shut up and stop being a whining baby. If you don't like it, you can move somewhere like California where they coddle whiners like you.

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    Anyone ever hits my kid they get a visit from me they don't want. I don't care if I do time as a result or not. Mess with my kids, and I hurt you, period.

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