Why don't people recognize superman as clark Kent, the guy doesnt wear a mask!?

I am always asking myself why dont people (in the comics and movies) especially Luis, dont recognize superman is clark, I mean if a guy takes off his glasses, and maybe changes his hair style dont you recognize him anymore? The same guy you work with everyday, and you didnt even recognize him when you even share a child together, I dont know it doesnt make sence, someone explain it to me, look at spiderman, batman, they wear masks thats why people dont know their real identities, but superman what does he have...glasses?

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    Thats one of the many mysteries in comics hehehehe...

    Seriusly the thing about that its not that they weare masks or not its the way they behave and act. Batman wears a mask but he is always analytical, dark and angry but when he is Bruce Wayne he acts as a Playboy. Superman is like the perfect man in the eyes of the crowd and since he doesnt wear a mask and he is the most powerfull man on earth people dont think he has a secret identity, people even think he leaves in his fortress of solitude. When he is Clark Kent he acts goofy, careless and very shy, the glasses and the suit only makes him looks his character even better and since he is like a more public figure and a succesfull person people dont question wether he has a secret life or not. Or do you wonder what your neighbourg or work partner does when he is home?

    Marvel heroes are diferent but thats other story.

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    First of all, it's not just glasses- it's hair, voice, personality, physical posture, etc. This is why Christopher Reeve was so good in the role- he made them believeably into two completely separate people.

    Secondly, there have been times when Clark and Superman have been seen together at the same time- using holograms, robot copies, or shapeshifters. They might at best just think that Clark looks a lot like Superman.

    Thirdly, in the comics, Lois has known that Clark is Superman since 1990, and in fact they are married.

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    Birthright and Superman Returns to some extent give us alot of plausible excuses

    Superman wears tights and lifts cars, Clark wears baggy/ill fitting clothes and has trouble with peanut butter jars.

    Superman is outgoing and 'visible' Clark is shy and blends into crowds.

    Superman is an ideal alpha-male, while Clark plays has a crush on Lois, She's so focussed on attaining the Ideal she over looks it when he 'chases' her.

    Superman has deep blue eyes, Clark wears 'coke-bottle' glasses that difuse their color.

    Superman is confident, Clark fumbles and stumbles over his words.

    In SR both Richard and Jason started to see a resemblence, Jason because CK was in front of a TV playing Superman's work, and Richard saw the basic similarity and did the math on their respective absences, and convenient returns, when CK heard him putting it together and plant the nugget of the idea in Lois, he did something very 'un-super' and Richard shook the idea off as coincidences

    By appearing as Superman in bold primary colors and w/o a mask who would suspect he spends time as any one else. In 'Death and Life' upon first meeting the JLA, he ponders..."How do they find the time to be in the JLA and still lead a normal life, if they even do, as far as the world knows I'm Superman full time."

    for a real life example, look at the 'Heroes' character of Mr. Bennett/HRG, when the actor appeared on a talk show I didn't recognise him until they started talking about show details.

    The key to the 'glasses as disguise' is that they need to be the thick framed old school style, not the wire thin metal frames that are fashionable today

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    America and comic fans all over the world have been asking that for years. One explanation they came up with is that the glasses he wears sends out a signal and a hologram that makes the ppl see him as a weakling physically (a load of BS) and the other depending on characterization and the writer is that ppl don't pay enough attention to Clark to actually tell the difference.

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    Superman With Glasses

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    I don't know! it has always bothered me too. I mean, can't they tell? apparently glasses and the hairstyle are his disguise. Apparently, the people of metropolis can't go about having make-overs because no one will recognize them.

    It is very stupid. But, oh well...

    Lois might wake up one day and look at Clark sleeping without his glasses and realize he's superman? She's supposed to be a super-smart reporter, and she doesn't notice? even by how they kiss and look at her etc!!? sheesh!!!

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    One explanation of why Big Blue ( Superman) isnt recognised as Clark Kent is that he vibrates his facial muscles at superspeed rendering the human eye unable to clearly distinguish his features ( although this does leave open the question of " Why are there pictures of him in the newspapers?") I know that this is how Jay Garrick ( the first Flash) kept his identity secret although he never wore a mask.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Too many comics as a kid.
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    Superman's glasses are Kryptonian glass made from his spaceship. They are able to 'hypnotize' people into confusing them into thinking he looks different.

    "Clark determines that it is his own power of super-hypnosis that is convincing everyone that Clark looks so much different from Superman...and that the pieces of glass from the Kryptonian rocket ship that brought him to earth that were used to create his glasses* enhance that effect:

    His eyes are always apparently emitting some low level hypnotic power, but when passing through the Kryptonian glass, his subconscious desire to separate his Clark and Superman identities is made manifest. A comment is made about camera's reproducing the effect perfectly, which is why photos of Clark don't seem to reveal his true appearance to anyone.

    So, when Superman commanded everyone to resist hypnotic suggestions, he unwittingly undid his own hypnotic hoodoo, which is why Lana didn't see Superman as Clark, even when wearing Clark's get-up."

    Also, whenever Superman is photographed, he vibrates to the point whatever picture develops is too blurry to see properly.

  • When John Byrne illustrated the Superman comic strip, he came up with the idea that Superman moved his head at super speed, so that he couldn't be photographed. He constantly does this while in his Superman uniform.

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