Why Did My Car Subwoofer Stopped Working ???

My 12" subwoofer was installed around 3 months ago and has been used recently for that time untill early yesterday it stopped working i was in the drive through getting food so i turned the volume down when i turned it back on after a while my subwoofer wasn't bumping anymore. I have checked all the fuses and all the connections and they are all fine. i disconected my sub and connected my friends sub to my amp to see if it was my amp and his sub was working so it isnt my amp. i never had problems with my amp or sub before and my system wasn't blasting before i turned it down i always play it at that level it has never had problems.

Please help someone. Anything would be helpfull.

i am no pro in car audio i do not know where else to look


my amp was a 2 channel but i bridged it and the ohms and rms ratings are matching. how can my sub just blow like that all of a sudden ???

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    You basically blew your sub. If you tested on other subs and it worked, there's no other option. Another thing, you don't necessarily have to "bump it" in order to have the sub blown. Go visit a local electronics store like Best Buy or Circuit City to get yourself a new one.

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    You said that the power of the amp and the sub are matched. Are you sure? When you do the bridging the power is the double so the total output power of your amp will be on your single sub. you said you turned up the volume and the sub was working, well, maybe the sub was about to blow and when you suddenly increase the power of the amp causing your sub to receive a burst in current causing it to blow. Best recommendation is to buy another sub with at least 100w rms greater than your amp, that way your sub will last longer.

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    One other thing that you can check as long as all of the wires are good for sure. I've seen it happen where the wires from terminal on the back of your sub box that connect to the sub inside the box have lost their connection. If you can rule out any wires or connections coming loose, you're in the market for a new sub dude.

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    coil must have burnt out check it out if your amp level is higher than your speaker then u can burn the speaker check see if the positive and the negative wires are bridged if not then its definatley the coil and u will have to purchase a new one or take it to a shop and have it recoiled

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  • 1 decade ago

    its depend on where do u keep ur subwoofer?if its in boot den it stoped working due to over heat. and if u hab h-pack car den check ur amp output.may b u using highpower amp.

  • 1 decade ago

    if it is on Ford, then your problem is FORD. After all it is ford is fix or repair daily.. Ford is a piece of sh*t.

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